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The Town is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. It is the only place in the entire game that acts as standard "town" of games past; equipment vendors, quest shops, and other civilized functions can only be found here. It is located is the center of the world map, south of the Gate. Most of the townspeople are afraid of the Witch who lives in the Forest.


At the start of the game the Hero heads here to get a cure for Eryll's "Crystal Sickness". Larkeicus tells the Hero he will make the cure if he gets a Buffasaur Horn. Later, the Hero heads in to the library to find Larkeicus and save him, as all the townspeople believe he is in severe danger. For the rest of the game, the townspeople just comment on the events happening such as the summoning of the bridge to the Tower and its disappearance at the end.


The Town has many individual stalls within its three accessible sectors. Citizens also wander around and can be talked to, and many conversations must be held in order to reveal new locations such as the Aqueducts. The Library is a major location in Town and is considered its own separate dungeon.

Ye Complete AdventurerEdit

This is the equipment shop, which sells generic weapons and armor. While items here are cheaper than at Custom Fabrications, they have less potential to increase in power via customizing.

Custom FabricationsEdit

The Clavat here oversees a variety of functions, which center around customizing equipment to increase its power. Scrolls and materials can be purchased and created and gems can be synthesized and attached to equipment.


The Library is accessed via the main plaza of Town. Larkeicus resides here for a short period of time, and many townspeople seem to revere him.

Quest ShoppeEdit

Stiltzkin keeps track of requests and can be found on the east side of town, near the docks.

Scratch Card Redeem ShopEdit

Scratch Cards can be viewed and redeemed here by talking to the moogle owner on the east side of town.


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