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The Tower of Trials is a location in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is a massive tower located to the south of Troia, and can only be reached by airship or chocobo due to the surrounding rivers. It is visited by apprentices who wish to become Epopts.

Story Edit

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TAY PSP Tower of Trials

Palom is sent from Mysidia to Troia to train Leonora and replace an ill Epopt who could not fulfill her duties. To do so they must scale the Tower of Trials and claim the Monastic Seal on the top floor. As they climb, Palom teaches Leonora the basic Fire, Blizzard and Thunder spells, though he also teases her about Epopts and her struggle to learn.

At the end, they discover the Monastic Seal is simply an altar they had to reach at the top of the tower, thus ending the trial. Palom begins to mock the Epopts and the trial they were offered, but Leonora reprimands him before he apologizes.

Later in Edge's Tale, Izayoi is dispatched to Troia to spy and hears about the tower. Investigating it, she lacks the magic to unseal the entrance and so scales the outer walls. However, the glow of the Tower of Babil catches her eye, and she returns to Edge.

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Palom's Tale Edit

Note: All battles marked "Event" are fought with Leonora only

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The theme that plays at the Tower of Trials is "Mt. Ordeals".

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