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Outside Tower of Trial

Tower of Trials (修練の塔, Shūren no Tō?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the north of Akame Valley. Tobikage, Jinnai and many ninjas in the Fuga Order are trained here.


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Upon entering this area, the Warrios of Darkness find Jinnai, who is surrounded by several ninjas and Tobikage. They jump in and defend Jinnai by attacking four ninjas. Tobikage then disappears. The warriors ask Jinnai about what happened in the past.

Tobikage and Jinnai heading to Burtgang

He reveals that he was ordered to massacre all the Castle Burtgang knights by his master as they had been preparing for war. Jinnai and several other ninjas did what they had been ordered. Every person inside Castle Burtgang was killed, except Gawain. Gawain successfully cut off one of Jinnai's arms. Jinnai backstabbed him but Gawain managed to survive. Later, Jinnai eavesdropped a conversation between his master and Cocytus and realized that his order was nothing but a lie to benefit Avalon Empire. He then abandoned the Fuga Order.
Jinnai wants to reach the top floor of the tower and the warriors offer him their support as Tobikage is very dangerous and still hiding somewhere. As they go up into the tower, Tobikage appears and starts a fight with them. Tobikage uses Iwamino, preventing him from being hurt. Unable to damage Tobikage, the warriors and Jinnai flee from the battle using Smoke Bomb. Tobikage lets them run away and quickly disappear again.

Hikage technique

Upon reaching a higher floor, they encounter Tobikage again. This time, he uses Hikage technique to create four clones of himshelf and attacks the party. However, the warriors manage to defeat him. Tobikage tells Jinnai that if he kills all the Warriors of Darkness, he will be forgiven.

Jinnai's master is defeated.

Continuing to the top floor of the tower, the warriors and Jinnai take the Hagakure Jewel away but Tobikage reappears and prevents them from leaving. This time, Jinnai tells the warriors to stay behind and fights Tobikage on his own. Jinnai defeates Tobikage, who compliments that he has grown. Then their master appears. Jinnai, who is supported by the Warriors of Darkness, gets into a fight with his mentor. It turns out that the master has been controlled by a Mind Parasite. In the end, the warrios and Jinnai defeat the Mind Parasite, but his master is badly injured.

Alba contacting somebody

A mysterious woman appears, freezes the elder and introduces hershelf as one of Avalon's divine generals. Jinnai tries to assault her but she is too strong for him. He is frozen just like his master. However, the warriors are teleported away by The Mask before Cocytus can freeze them. The Hagakure Jewel gains them the Ninja Job. Alba makes contact with somebody outside, which surprises everybody. The Mask requests the warriors to follow him to break the seal of the Ultimate Magic.
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Item Place
Blackbelt Vest Chest (Nix, KuroHabaki x2)
Elixir Chest (Nix, KuroHabaki x2)
Shuriken Chest
Asura Chest (Lesser Ninja, Devout, KuroHabaki x2)
Happo Shuriken Chest
X-Potion Chest
Rising Sun Chest