FFBE wiki icon The Tower of Lezard Valeth is the challenge of the Lost City of Dipan collab event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It features Valkyrie Profile antagonist, Lezard Valeth as a Boss.

Battle Edit


Lezard Valeth

Race Human
Level 99
HP 10,000,000
MP 100,000
ATK 320
DEF 20
MAG 550
SPR 200
Elemental Resistance All neutral
Status Ailment Resistance Immune to all.
Others Vulnerable to ATK/MAG debuffs.

Lezard uses the following abilities in battle:

  • Dragon Bolt(1): Lightning magic damage (3x) to all units
  • Prismatic Missile(1): Magic damage (4x) to one unit
  • Possession: Increase ATK/MAG (100%) for 99 turns to caster
  • Frigid Damsel(1): 3x Ice magic damage (3.2x) to one random unit
  • Celestial Star(1): Light magic damage (3x) to all units
  • Fire Lance(1): 2x Fire magic damage (3.5x) to one random unit
  • Meteor Swarm(1): Dark magic damage (3.33x) to all units
  • Reflect Sorcery: Reflect all spells for 3 turns to caster
  • Dragon Bolt(2): Lightning magic damage (4.5x) to all units
  • Prismatic Missile(2): Magic damage (6x) to one unit
  • Frigid Damsel(2): 3x Ice magic damage (4.8x) to one random unit
  • Celestial Star(2): Light magic damage (4.5x) to all units
  • Fire Lance(2): 2x Fire magic damage (5.25x) to one random units
  • Meteor Swarm(2): Dark magic damage (5x) to all units
  • The gate to the tomes has opened.: Grant access to following skills to all enemies: Alchemy Tome
  • Lezard's power to possess has been sealed.: No effect

Lezard begins the battle with a preemptive strike using The gate to the tomes has opened, and Reflect Sorcery and ends its turn.

On every turn, Lezard will use his spells at random or normal attacks until he is out of actions. While above 60% he will use use the (1) version of his spells, whereas below 60% he will use the (2).

There is a catch, however. Lezard will only use the (2) abilities if he uses Possession, which happens once while below 60%. The player can use Alchemy Tome that Lezard bestows upon the player's party which seals Lezard's ability to possess thus keeping him weak. For this to work, however, the player must use Alchemy Tome before Lezard reaches 60% HP or less.

Strategy Edit

Lezard is not a significantly powerful enemy and most of his attacks can be easily dealt with, with a Magic Tank with enough elemental resistances as only Prismatic Missile is non-elemental and his normal attacks are pitiful.

The player would still do wise to debuff his ATK/MAG as an additional safety measure or use elemental resistance buffs if truly required.

Using Alchemy Tome, guarantees Lezard's strength will stay consistent, but it is not needed to win. If the player is confident, they can skip this mechanic altogether, but between the (2) spell versions and the buff gained through possession, Lezard will be significantly more powerful. If having difficulties the player is still advised to debuff Lezard beforehand and/or dispel his buffs (reapply debuffs afterwards).

With a sufficiently robust Magic Tank, the player should not need healers, but if they lack them, then using the likes of Marie or Lotus Mage Fina because of their elemental resist buffs may be helpful too.

For damage, the player has ample options, although using spells may be unwise at the start, due to Reflect Sorcery. Dispel this buff before using Black Magic and the like.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tome of Alchemy and Possession mechanics are a reference to the original battle against Lezard Valeth. In that battle he is accompanied by two Dragon-Tooth Warriors, which when killed would possess another member of the enemy party and boost its stats tremendously, hence the "possession." The Tome of Alchemy is an item in-game that transforms monsters into items, most notable experience gems, hence how using "Alchemy Tome" nullifies "Possession."
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