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The cannon control room.

The cannon control room (iOS).

The Tower of Babil Cannons, also known as the Super Cannon, is a device in Final Fantasy IV. It is located in the Tower of Babil, and it is operated by Dr. Lugae and his monsters with the intent of annihilating the dwarves. It also helps protect the tower. Many dwarves used their tanks as a distraction so that Cecil, Rydia, Rosa, Kain, and Yang could enter the tower and win back the missing Crystals.

After they defeat Dr. Lugae, they are able to enter the cannon's control room and try and stop them. However, the Goblin Captains running it would not give up until they destroy the cannons' controls. Yang attempts to stop it, but he fails and a massive explosion occurs taking Yang out with it. He is presumed dead until he is found in the Sylph Cave.


  • When the player enters the room, they cannot leave until they battle the Goblin Captains.