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The Tower on the world map.

The Tower (, Tou?) is a location in The Final Fantasy Legend. It has twenty three floors. The player will find some real and fake healing springs along the way, and there's some damage floors in the form of spikes.


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The party makes their way to the top of the tower, and confronts the archfiend Ashura, the one who once controlled the Four Fiends until they were defeated by the party.

Ashura offers the party a deal: he'll offer each one of them a world. The party rejects the deal swearing they'll never work for him. Ashura says he was just being nice and engages them into battle.

The party defeats him with the door leading to Paradise right before them. The party heads towards the door, but falls into a pitfall. They hear a voice calling them from a distance asking if they can climb out, and when they regain consciousness they find themselves in Base Town.

After breaking the seal with the four spheres the party re-climbs the Tower and re-meets Gen-Bu2 and a battle ensues. After his defeat, the party enters the door and finds themselves on the tower's exterior.

While walking up they come across Sei-Ryu2 and defeat him. The party comes across Byak-Ko2 and ends up being defeated. The last of the Four Fiends is encountered, and ends up being defeated as well. With all the fiends dead the party continues to climb up the exterior of the tower and reaches the door that leads to Paradise.

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List of Floors[]

First Floor[]

The first floor contains the World of Continent, the party will need the black sphere in order to continue to climb up the tower.

Second Floor[]

The second floor doesn't have much to see, it only has stairs that leads up to the third floor or down to the first floor.

Third Floor[]

The tropical world on this level has a small village where its residents do not have to work. This paradise was created by the Creator. All the people in this world do is eat, sleep, and dream.

Fourth Floor[]

The fourth floor has a door leading to a small world, it has a bunch of people being tortured by gargoyles. One of them mentions that the Four Fiends control this world. Spikes are found across the floor, and they will deal one point of damage to the player's characters.

Fifth Floor[]

The fifth floor contains the World of Ocean, the party will need the blue sphere in order to continue to climb up the tower.

Sixth Floor[]

The sixth floor has stairs leading up to the seventh floor or back down to the fifth floor.

Seventh Floor[]

The seventh floor has one door leading to a small world which consists of a shallow ocean with an island where the tower stands. The island to the north have fish statues that give out XPotions, they also mentions that the party will lose track of time while inside the Tower.

Eight Floor[]

The eight floor has a healing spring, and stairs on this floor leads to the seventh and ninth level.

Ninth Floor[]

The ninth floor has a room with an inn and a House of Life. A gargoyle in the room mentions that the four fiends are controlled by an archfiend.

Tenth Floor[]

The tenth floor contains the World of Sky, the party will need the white sphere in order to continue to climb up the tower.

Eleventh Floor[]

The eleventh floor has a healing spring.

Twelve Floor[]

The twelve floor has a door which leads to a small world. In this world, it consists only a huge solid cloud where the wind current blows people about. The are three treasure chest that can be found in this world.

Thirteenth Floor[]

The thirteenth floor has door that leads to a small world suffering from a severe drought. But the rain will return due to the events in the small world on the fourteenth floor of the Tower.

Fourteen Floor[]

The thirteenth floor has a door that leads to a small world where the party finds that the lake is flooded which will drown the people if nothing is done. The party finds the garbage has clogged the drainage hole, they removed it and are sucked down into the thirteenth floor small world which is now raining.

The party returns to the small world on the thirteenth floor which is a forest with a single castle with four treasure chests, they learn from the residences of this world that archfiend is Ashura. The residents play a game by pretending to be the Four Fiends, including Su-Zaku the Red Bird, whom the party had yet to encounter.

Fifteenth Floor[]

The fifteenth floor has a healing springs surrounded by spikes which will damage the party for one HP per step, it has stairs that leads up to the sixteenth floor or down to the fourteenth floor.

Sixteenth Floor[]

The sixteenth floor contains the World of Ruins, the party will need the red sphere in order to continue to climb up the tower.

Seventeenth Floor[]

The seventeenth floor has stairs that leads up to the eighteenth floor or down to the sixteenth floor.

Eighteenth Floor[]

The eighteenth floor has a room that contains the corporation that makes money from Ashura's campaign of destruction. One of the employees mentions to the party that Ashura made the Creator powerless.

Nineteenth Floor[]

The nineteenth floor room in the tower has a shelter where there are several dead children. The party finds a diary left behind by the dead father of the children. It mentions that they barely made it to the shelter, but ran out of food and water. The diary mentions the children's names: Ken, Yuki, and Akira. For the last sentence, the father ask the Creator to look after his children. The party acquirer a N.Bomb after reading the diary.

Twentieth Floor[]

The twentieth floor has a door that leads into a enigmatic library. There was a massive text change for the English release for the the row of bookcases. In the North American version, each bookcase featured a word of the sentence "Ashura is controlled by..." with the final word being unreadable. In the original Japanese, each bookcase featured a name, a date, and a floor number.

The Japanese text:

"Arthur - ....11th 19-3-21"
"Kurou - .....13th 50-2-18"
"Haan - ......9th 72-6-14"
"Zeke - ......6th 24-2-12"
"Liz - .......12th 80-1-28"
"1st Main Character: What is this record?"
"[1st Main Character] - ......"
"2nd Main Character: We won't be defeated partway like these guys, just you

Twenty First Floor[]

The twenty first floor has a small world filled with flowers with a single hut where an old man lives. He ask if they came from the tower, and when they answer yes. He gives them the FFL Sword Icon.pngXclbr to the party. When the party ask why he's given this to them. He tells them that he was told to wait for a hero from the Tower. He tells them that he's fulfilled his duty and vanishes before their eyes.

Twenty Second Floor[]

The twenty second floor has a one-way escalator leading up to the twenty third floor.

Twenty Third Floor[]

The twenty third floor is a long corridor with spikes underneath, this corridor leads directly to Ashura.


Nearly all monsters can be encountered within the Tower, and as such the only enemies that will be listed below are the bosses.





  • Colt (4F)
  • XPotion (7F)
  • Musket (7F)
  • P-Knife (9F)
  • Elixir (12F)
  • Potion (12F)
  • FFL Sword Icon.pngVampic (12F)
  • Saw (12F)
  • FFL Helmet Icon.pngArmy (13F)
  • FFL Sword Icon.pngP-Sword (14F)
  • Elixir (14F)
  • XPotion (14F)
  • Revive (14F)
  • Door (17F)
  • Magnum (18F)
  • N.Bomb (19F)
  • FFL Shield Icon.pngAezis (19F)
  • FFL Book Icon.pngFlare (20F)
  • FFL Sword Icon.pngXclbr (21F)
  • FFL Sword Icon.pngGlass (21F)