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The Tower.

The Tower (, ?) is the final dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time only accessible by completing Gate. The tower was built by Larkeicus to stop the catastrophe that would cause the Crystals to disappear.


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When the Hero enters the place, Sherlotta seems to want to ask something, but then changes her mind. The hero makes his/her way up the tower, through traps and monsters. At the top, Sherlotta asks the Hero to kill her, for without her, Larkeicus cannot get more crystals, and will thus be unable to resurrect himself.

Then Larkeicus enters, interrupting Sherlotta, and saying that he would need the crystals to prevent the catastrophe, and that he would even kill Sherlotta himself, as a special favor. The party then engages him in battle. After defeating him, Larkeicus drains crystals from Sherlotta, seemingly hurting her and becomes stronger, transforming into a black-red creature, enshrined in a throne of crystal, proclaiming that he has taken all necessary precautions to ensure the immortality of the crystal and himself.

After this second form is defeated, Sherlotta summons the crystal core into the battlefield and asks the Hero to destroy the crystal. As it shatters, Larkeicus vaporizes, Sherlotta says goodbye to the Hero, and the tower is destroyed.

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Normal Mode[]



  • There are three lifts in the tower, which rise up incredibly fast. The lifts stop as soon as the monsters aboard are defeated.
  • In every lift, there is some hidden treasure, and in the first lift, a simple book puzzle that must be solved before the lift stops.
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