Touya Satomi (サトミ・トウヤ, Satomi Tōya?) is a character in Final Fantasy: Unlimited After. He is Yu's best friend and the same age as the twins, whom he both knew since kindergarten. Touya is referred to by his last name by Ai, who always argues with Touya. Because of his association with the twins, Soljashy decides to use him. When Ai and Yu return to Sado Island, they are reunited with Touya. But Touya is prejudiced against Makenshi for being from Wonderland. Touya's ideal about Wonderlanders being inhuman conflicts with his friendship to the twins when Soljashy reveals to Touya that Yu and his sister are from Wonderland and explains their connection to Chaos.

But overtime, Touya starts feeling guilty about doubting Yu and runs out to apologize to his friend. However, he is led into Soljashy's trap, kidnapped, and used as bait to lure the twins. Through the party's efforts, Touya is saved, at last understanding that the twins are still themselves, only stronger. He awaits their return.

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