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Tour de Japon: Music from Final Fantasy is a live recording of an orchestral concert of arrangements of songs from the Final Fantasy series, performed by the New Japan Philharmonic, conducted by Taizo Takemoto and Nobuo Uematsu. It was recorded on March 12, 2004 at the Yokohama performance in Japan. The DVD was released exclusively to fanclub members residing in Japan.

Track list[]

  1. Opening - Bombing Mission [Final Fantasy VII] — 4:37
    (オープニング~爆破ミッション【from FINAL FANTASY VII】, Ōpuningu ~ Bakuha Misshon?)
  2. At Zanarkand [Final Fantasy X] — 4:47
    (ザナルカンドにて【from FINAL FANTASY X】, Zanarukando Nite?)
  3. Ronfaure [Final Fantasy XI] — 4:36
  4. Aeris' Theme [Final Fantasy VII] — 5:48
    (エアリスのテーマ【from FINAL FANTASY VII】, Earisu no Tēma?)
  5. The Oath [Final Fantasy VIII] — 5:44
    (The Oath?)
  6. Not Alone [Final Fantasy IX] — 4:41
    (独りじゃない, Hitori Janai?)
  7. Main Theme of Final Fantasy V — 5:51
    (ファイナルファンタジーVメインテーマ, Fainaru Fantajī Faibu Mein Tēma?)
  8. Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII — 7:10
    (F.F.VIIメインテーマ, F.F. VII Mein Tēma?)
  9. Theme of Love [Final Fantasy IV] — 4:56
    (愛のテーマ, Ai no Tēma?)
  10. Final Fantasy I-III Medley 2004 — 8:06
    (FINAL FANTASY I~III メドレー 2004, Medorē?)
    Prelude - Final Fantasy
    Town - Final Fantasy
    Main Theme - Final Fantasy II
    Eternal Wind - Final Fantasy III
    Battle Scene 2 - Final Fantasy II
    Tozas - Final Fantasy III
  11. Opera "Maria and Draco" [Final Fantasy VI] — 13:32
    (オペラ “マリアとドラクゥ”【from FINAL FANTASY VI】, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Aria di Mezzo Carattere
    The Wedding Waltz ~Duel~
  12. New Tune from FF7 Advent Children [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children] — 3:33
    (FF7 アドベントチルドレンより, [missing rōmaji]?)
  13. Final Fantasy Main Theme — 3:55
    (ファイナルファンタジー メインテーマ, Fainaru Fantajī Mein Tēma?)

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