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FFTA - Toughskin Portrait
Monster with skin so tough it doesn't feel swords.

Toughskins in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are green turtle-like creatures with a sword sticking out of their backs. They have an extremely high Defense stat, so magic spells, especially those of the Ice element, are highly effective compared to weapon strikes. Toughskins have an even hardier lavender cousin, the Blade Biter.

Toughskins can be very dangerous against physical units with low MP, using their Matra Magic attack to invert HP and MP. To avoid this attack, keep a distance by using long-range bows and magic.



Toughskin command. Weaken enemy in self-defense.
Ability Effect MP
Resonance Back sword quivers to create resonance. Disables target.
Works on target's with metallic weapons.
Matra Magic Switches target's HP and MP. 24


Ability Effect
Counter Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack.


Ability Effect
Weapon Def+ Improves weapon attacks to deal more damage.



Mission Information
Turf Defense Mission: Help Nubs! Two Toughskins appear here, on opposite sides of the battlefield. It helps to have two units with Black Magic or an instant KO ability.
Turf Defense Mission: Help Nargai! The Toughskin here can be KO'd with a strong Ice spell on the first turn if the Black Mage is placed on the northeastern corner of the starting block.
Mission #058: Royal Ruins The Toughskin here is a guardian of the ancient Ruins. Players can use Phantasm Skills to bypass the monsters and destroy the statues.
Mission #012: Jagd Hunt The Toughskin in the back corner of the arena should be dealt with after the four clan members in front of the party are all KO'd.

Clan encountersEdit

Home base Clan Information
Eluut Sands Antlions The Toughskin here does not know Resonate, making it an easy enemy.
Roda Volcano Roda Dragons All enemies here can be dispatched quickly with Blizzard spells, especially Blizzara.
Nargai Cave Tribites The Toughskin and Blade Biter here should be taken care of after the Panthers and Coeurl.
Kudik Peaks Kudik Beasts One Toughskin is part of this mainly Panther monster band.
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