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Exodus, a Totema.

Powerful guardians of the crystals. It is unknown which master they serve, if any.

Totema description

A totema's alternate form.

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The totema (神獣, Shinjū?, lit. Divine Beast) are a group of five creatures in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that guard the magic crystals that prevent the world of Ivalice from reverting to its original form.


Each totema represents a particular race from the world of Ivalice, and each one can be summoned by any member of that race able to accrue ten Judge Points once that totema has been defeated in battle. Each represents a final boss from another Final Fantasy game, with the exception of Adrammelech.

The five totema return as Espers in Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, and as Scions in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

While totema are powerful, they are hard to charge up, since a total of ten Judge Points must be accrued to summon them. The player can exploit the Hunter's Hunt ability, which gives 10 JP upon the KO of any fighting unit, to get lots of quick summons.

On occasion, a Target All law may be in place, effectively preventing the use of totema. In addition to having to fight them all one by one, Marche must face copies of them, called Dephs, during the battle with the Li-Grim. While in Battle Queen mode, Li-Grim is aided by a Deph of Famfrit and one of Adrammelech. While in her true form, Li-Grim is guarded by two Dephs of Mateus, and has the power Descent, which summons a random totema to launch an attack on the party.


  • Famfrit is the totema of the moogles, and represents the Final Fantasy III final boss, the Cloud of Darkness. When summoned, he fires a cannon at the battleground which hits several times creating a large explosion.
  • Ultima, the totema of the nu mou, represents the High Seraph Ultima from Final Fantasy Tactics. When summoned she takes the form of a giant space cannon, and fires a shot at the battleground, attacking enemy units' MP.
  • Adrammelech, the totema of the bangaa, represents Adrammelech the Wroth, also from Final Fantasy Tactics. When summoned he gathers energy in his maw and unleashes a powerful beam on the battleground.
  • Exodus is the viera's totema, and represents Exdeath from Final Fantasy V. When summoned he roots into the ground and causes an energy drain on the battleground, consuming opponents' MP.
  • Mateus represents the human race and the evil Emperor Mateus from Final Fantasy II. When summoned, Mateus distorts the battleground into a revolving sphere and shatters it with her spear, inflicting considerable harm to all enemies.


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After about three storyline missions, a request at the pub regarding supernatural events will appear. As Marche and his clan investigate, they will be warped via a seam to a shrine room where a crystal is held. After a brief argument, the totema and Clan Nutsy will engage.

#005 Twisted Flow[]

At Ulei River, the river bends and twists oddly and an onlooker places a request at the pub. When Marche approaches the river, he notices nothing out of the ordinary, but the seam catches him off guard. Confused, Marche looks around and is surprised by the crystal, and then Famfrit. A Special Judge appears, red rather than a neutral blue, and Marche decides there is nothing to lose and engages. Famfrit summons two Floateyes and two Ahriman to aid him.

#008 Hot Awakening[]

Roda Volcano has been acting up and researchers are wanted to investigate. Applicants "must like heat." As Marche walks onto the volcano's battlefield it gives a violent shake and a seam appears, catching Marche off-guard again. After being warped and coming to his senses, he notes the shrine is more colorful than the last one, and even has butterflies. As he approaches the crystal, a mysterious crystal appears next to him and more crystals appear to surround him. This is Ultima, in the form of eight Ultima Crystals, which cannot move and can only fight or use a special skill called Logos.

#011 Pale Company[]

At Nargai Cave, residents are scared by a "ghost" going in and out of the cave. As Marche makes his way in, the ghost appears right in front of him. It fades in and out of view deeper inside the cave. After being lured the seam appears. The shrine is similar to Famfrit's: bland but suspenseful. Approaching the crystal, Adrammelech appears and yells at Marche before engaging. Adrammelech summons a Firewyrm, Icedrake, and Thundrake to assist him in the fight.

#015 Scouring Time[]

After the engagement at Muscadet, Marche is dragged to the prison in Sprohm for questioning. As Cid and Babus question Marche, a seam appears on the wall and all three are warped to Exodus's shrine. Exodus is weak and unable to defend the crystal, but has several "Exodus Fruit" to "guard" the crystal. Alone, Marche fights off Babus, while Cid supervises as Judge and does not interfere. Marche destroys the Exodus Fruits to defeat Exodus.

#018 Quiet Sands[]

The once-famous "barking sands" of Delia Dunes have stopped sounding recently, and it concerns the touring industry. As Marche investigates, Llednar confronts Marche. The seam appears and warps both into a pre-shrine room. Llednar charges up a powerful attack to banish Marche from the shrine, but before the attack can be executed, Cid appears and prevents Llednar from using his Omega skill with an Advanced Law. Seeing no other option, Llednar summons two Templars and two Titanias to assist him. Before much can be accomplished though, Llednar's overconfidence overpowers him as he charges up another Omega attack. Cid red cards Llednar, and the engagement is finished.

Cid leads Marche to the shrine where the last crystal is held. Mateus appears as Marche approaches the shrine and gets under Marche's skin by taking the forms of his friends, and then the form of Marche himself. Mateus summons four Vampires to assist her in the engagement.

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Musical themes[]

The theme "The Road We Both Aim For" plays in the battles against the totema.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

The totema appear as enemies.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

The totema appear on cards.



A totem is any entity which watches over or assists a group of people, such as a family, clan, or tribe.

"Scion" is an uncommon English word that means "descendant or heir to a family" and "guardian".