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Tosuka-Porika is a non-playable Tarutaru character in Final Fantasy XI. He is minister of the Federation of Windurst's Optistery, the nation's library and observatory. He is the most tenured of Windurst's five ministers, having served since the loss of Karaha-Baruha during the Crystal War. He hums thoughtfully whenever he isn't actively speaking.


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Tosuka-Porika was a librarian when the Crystal War began. At the time the Optistery faced enormous challenges defending its many scrolls and tomes from invading Yagudo and rising flood waters. The ministry's position near the city's gate and the reclusiveness of minister Karaha-Baruha added further difficulty. Tosuka-Porika and his colleagues nevertheless succeeded in saving almost all of the Federation's texts. They even managed to recover a few overdue books along the way. Tosuka-Porika gained leadership of the ministry after Karaha-Baruha sacrificed himself to win the Battle of Windurst.

His first crisis emerges twenty years later when rumor spreads that Nanaa Mihgo, the "Cat Burglar", has obtained the Book of the Gods, a document containing state secrets. Tosuka-Porika orders an investigation but Orastery minister Ajido-Marujido is a step ahead of him. The younger Tarutaru retrieves the tome from Nanaa's cache in Karaha-Baruha's abandoned manor and informs the Optistery that its pages are blank. For the Book of the Gods to lose its text is a dire omen but Tosuka-Porika suspects that Ajido-Marujido is using this story to conceal his intent to keep the book. The librarian therefore reports Ajido-Marujido to the Star Sibyl.

The Orastery minister surrenders the tome to the Star Sibyl and soon after is imprisoned by her for breaking into the Full Moon Fountain. A few days later she calls on Tosuka-Porika and entrusts the book to the Optistery with the instruction that it never be opened again. Even so, he cannot resist the urge to examine it and sees that it is empty as Ajido-Marujido claimed.

Alarmed, Tosuka-Porika sends an adventurer to locate the Animastery, the so-called sixth ministry where Karaha-Baruha had studied the book. He suspects that this underground laboratory still contains valuable clues. The Star Sibyl turns up there as well, however, and when Tosuka-Porika learns of her personal involvement he fears that he will end up in a cell like Ajido-Marujido. Thinking ahead, he gives the Book of the Gods to his accomplice so that it can be exchanged for his freedom if the worst occurs.

Some time later the adventurer surprises Tosuka-Porika by returning at Apururu's request to borrow the Optistery minister's ring as part of Doctor Shantotto's plan to break Ajido-Marujido out of jail. He refuses to comply as he has no intention of defying the Star Sibyl or aiding the reckless Ajido-Marujido. Noticing that his visitor still carries the Book of the Gods, he realizes that the tome's text has been restored since he last saw it. He seizes the book and attempts to read it but the magic it contains overwhelms his senses. Confessing that Ajido-Marujido might have more success, Tosuka-Porika contributes his ring to the cause in return for a promise that the book's contents will be described to him.

Chains of Promathia[]

Tosuka-Porika encounters the Chebukki Siblings and, like Doctor Yoran-Oran before him, is accused of being their father. He points out that he is old enough to be their grandfather and that neither he nor his daughter have ever been to the Chebukkis' birthplace, Tavnazia. The siblings then claim that their father was Karaha-Baruha instead. Intrigued, Tosuka-Porika offers to aid them with the vast knowledge of the Optistery.

The Chebukkis briefly quiz him on the nature of the Zilart, the Kuluu, and Bahamut but Tosuka-Porika fails to accurately describe these subjects. Unimpressed, the siblings try him one more time by asking about Nag'molada, whom the minister vaguely recalls as a Jeunoan diplomat during the Crystal War. This satisfies the Chebukkis and they immediately lose interest in the flustered Tosuka-Porika.

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