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Toshio Murouchi (室内俊夫, Toshio Murouchi?), known also by the moniker Foxclon, is a manager and producer in Square Enix. He is most well known his involvement as Global Community Producer on Final Fantasy XIV and producer on the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival events.

He, alongside the game's Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida, hosts the regular Letter from the Producer broadcasts, featuring upcoming information and products related to Final Fantasy XIV.

Works in the series[]

Game Release Work
Final Fantasy XIV Online 2010 Global Community Producer
Final Fantasy II (iOS) 2010 Manager
Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection 2011 Manager
Final Fantasy III (iOS) 2011 Manager
Final Fantasy Dimensions 2012 Community & Service Manager
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII 2013 Senior Manager
Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn 2013 Global Community Producer
Final Fantasy XI Online: Ultimate Collection - Seekers Edition 2013 Global Community Producer
Final Fantasy V (iOS) 2013 Manager
Final Fantasy III (Steam) 2014 Senior Manager
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD 2015 Manager
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (Steam) 2015 Senior Manager
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (Steam) 2016 Senior Manager
Final Fantasy XV 2016 Community & Service Division
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood 2017 Global Community Producer
Final Fantasy Dimensions II 2017 General Manager
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition 2018 Community & Service Division
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT 2018 General Manager
Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers 2019 Global Community Producer
Final Fantasy VII Remake 2020 General Manager (Community & Service Division)
Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier 2021 General Manager (Community & Service Division)
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker 2021 Global Community Producer
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin 2022 General Manager (Community & Service Division)

In-game appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Toshio Murouchi in Final Fantasy XIV, during The Rising 2015 event.

Greetings, I'm Toshio Murouchi from the Community Team. When people ask, that's how I explain my position, but I also do a lot of work for the operations and marketing teams.

Toshio Murouchi

Toshio Muroushi appeared as an NPC during the 2015 The Rising event, in the Developer's Office known as the Eighteenth Floor. When spoken to by the Adventurer, he would express his amazement that they were already celebrating two years since the launch of A Realm Reborn and noted that they had travelled all over the world for various game related events, exclaiming that in the previous twelve months he'd flown 154,750 kilometers, though his amazement at that wouldn't stop him from flying in the next twelve months for the fans of the game. Toshi then said that he needed to start planning for the next Fan Festival.