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My name is Torte, madam. Mouse maestro of magic, at your service.


Torte is a temporary-playable character from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. He is a boy who was cursed and turned into a mouse, but this did not break his spirit to become a great sage. He is met in the Great Tree Roots.



When Torte is first met, he is in the form of a small brown mouse wearing a long hooded blue cloak with a gold pendant around his neck.

In his human form, he is a young man with short auburn hair and brown eyes with brown glasses. He wears a long hooded blue clock over a long brown shirt with white trim and black pants. He wears a gold pendant around his neck, blue gloves, and white boots.


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Decades ago, Torte came to Arbor and ventured into the Great Tree Roots to obtain the legendary White Magic Lux. In the process, Torte unsealed the demon Belphegor who travels to Mount Gulg to erupt the volcano. Punished for his actions by the Queen of Arbor by being turned into a mouse, Torte tried to set things right when Arbaroc attempted to stop Belphegor. Torte was knocked out by Belphegor and was unable to stop the demon from possessing the guardian beast.

In present day, Torte meets Aire in the Great Tree Roots as she is looking for a way to cure Brandt's vegetative petrification. Torte agrees to help her and together they obtain the Animal Staff hidden deep within the roots. After curing Brandt, Torte and the others go see the Queen of Arbor to report that Arbaroc has gone on a rampage. The queen sends Torte with the two and orders them to bring Arbaroc back to his senses.

When the party arrives to the top of the Great Tree, Belphegor's evil manifests within Arbaroc and they are forced to kill the guardian beast. After defeating Arbaroc, Torte returns and reports to the Queen of Arbor of the situation as he wishes Brandt and Aire good luck in their quest.

When Brandt and his group travel back in time, they meet Torte as human and help him in accidentally releasing Belphegor. They intervene in Arbaroc's battle with Belphegor and destroy the demon, thus negating Arbaroc's demise years later. Soon after, Torte is turned back into his human form and is allowed to stay in Arbor. Before saying farewell to the party, Torte gives them the ultimate White Magic spell Lux.

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Torte using Blizzara.

Torte is equipped with Sacred Tree Staff and Torte's Robes. During battle he uses the Sage crown and has access to the Spell Again ability. Torte also has the spells Cure Tome, Cura Tome, Blizzard Tome, and Blizzara Tome in his inventory.


Torte's starting stats when he joins the party.

Level HP Strength Intellect Spirit
15 57 4 11 13


Torte is fought as an optional boss on the final floor of the Holy Tree Tower. Torte mainly uses Leaf-type spells and White Magic.



Torte is a German word for cake or pie.