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An open Torsion.

Torsions are an important element in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. They are tears in the fabric of space-time created by a force unknown.


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The gods Materia and Spiritus created a new world at the behest of the Crystal to give respite to the warriors they had forced to battle in World B. The intended sanctuary was soon disrupted by dark rifts, known as Torsions that not only release monsters over the landscape, but jeopardize the very fabric of the world. Torsions threaten the worlds they are connected to as well by, as characters from Eorzea note when they realize aether is draining into them. The appearance of the Torsions awakens Mog to gather warriors.

Torsions appear in many places around the landscape and open in other worlds as well. Numerous individuals find themselves either caught in Torsions or travel through them on their own and emerge in the Crystal's world. These people have an attribute that Mog deems the "Light", and he recruits the majority of them on a journey to close the Torsions. There are dozens of Torsions scattered around the World of Light, and they must be closed in accordance with the party's current level of strength. Clearing the smaller monsters in the area and defeating the large and powerful creatures that stand sentry at the Torsion's entrance is usually sufficient to close the rift.

In addition to the Torsions that apparently open at random, certain characters (such as Kuja and Kefka Palazzo) deliberately open Torsions. These Torsions usually connect one part of the landscape to another. The properties of a Torsion entrance can also be manipulated; several warriors of Spiritus give them a vacuum-like quality to either abduct or to remove their opponents by opening Torsions behind them. The interior of a Torsion is filled with darkness, and those within find themselves unusually drained of energy.

All individuals who appear in the new world, including the "Warriors of Light" recruited by Mog, can open new Torsions rather than simply closing existing ones. This ability is what Mog had deemed the "Light". Vincent Valentine demonstrates this in Imber Manor when he creates a Torsion as an escape route for the party.

The party finds an unusually large and energetic Torsion at the top of Utopia Niveus. When they fight Garland in front of it, the energies generated by their battle inflame the Torsion and call forth Dark Bahamut.

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In mechanical physics, torsion refers to the act of twisting, turning, or otherwise rotating an object on an axis with torque applied to said object.

The Opera Omnia universe was "twisted" out of alignment when the first tears appeared, hence their name.