Tornado in Final Fantasy IV.

Tornado (トルネド, Torunedo), also known as Whirlwind or Cyclone, is a recurring spell and ability in the Final Fantasy series. It most often deals strong Wind-elemental damage, but may also reduce targets to single digit health.


Final Fantasy

Cyclone (NES Tornado) is an enemy ability used by Chaos and, in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary versions, by Barbariccia. It inflicts moderate to massive non-elemental damage to the party.

Final Fantasy II

Cyclone XIII, originally called Tnad 13 and Tornado 13, is an enemy ability exclusive to the Abyss Worm, and it inflicts heavy Wind elemental damage to the entire party.

Final Fantasy III

Tornado (NES WWind) is a Level 8 White Magic spell that reduces the target's HP to single digits. It is bought in Eureka for 60,000 gil.

Final Fantasy IV

Tornado (SNES Weak) is a Black Magic spell that affects one target, reducing the target's HP to single digits for 25 MP. Palom learns this spell at level 48, and Rydia learns it at level 51 in the original releases and at level 58 in DS release. It has an accuracy of 70 (75 in non-DS versions).

Whirlwind (SNES Tornado) is an enemy ability used by Storm Dragon and Sand Worm. It inflicts major non-elemental damage to the party.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Whirlwind is an enemy ability used by the Sand Worm and Belphegor enemies. It deals lesser damage to all characters.

Tornado, used by the Strato Avis and the Gargoyle enemies, lowers the character's HP to critical. It is also learnable by Palom (level 45) and Rydia (level 58), while Fusoya starts with the spell, and costs 25 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy VI

Tornado (SNES W. Wind) is an offensive spell learned from the Esper Midgardsormr at a x3 rate. It costs 75 MP and it reduces everyone's HP (including allies) to 6.25% of their current HP.

Cyclonic is an enemy ability used mostly by dragons which reduces the party's HP to 1/16 of their current HP, and has a hit rate of 75.

Final Fantasy VII

Tornado is found in the Contain Materia once it reaches level 3. It deals Wind-elemental damage and can cause Confusion at the cost of 90 MP.

Final Fantasy VIII

Tornado is the higher-level version of Aero and inflicts Wind-elemental damage on all opponents. It can be drawn and cast at enemies or Junctioned to stats.

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Final Fantasy IX

Whirlwind is an attack used by Ark, and inflicts Wind-elemental and Float on the party. Twister also appears as [[Quina Quen]'s Blue Magic spells.

Final Fantasy X

Tornado is one of Auron's Bushido Overdrives. It inflicts non-elemental damage to all enemies. If the player inputs the button sequence correctly, it will deal increased damage.

Final Fantasy XI

Tornado is a Wind-based Ancient Magic spell available to Black Mages only. An upgraded version, Tornado II, may be gained by players at level 75 with the use of Merit Points.

Cyclone is a dagger Weapon Skill which deals Wind damage in an area-of-effect.

Whirlwind is another Sea Monk ability similar to Maelstrom, but inflicts Wind damage and Vitality Down instead. It cannot be learned by Blue Mages.

Great Whirlwind is an enemy ability used by Manticores, which hits a cone in front of the user for Wind damage and inflicts Choke.

Final Fantasy XII

Tornado is the name of Chaos's ultimate attack. A Wind-elemental attack, its damage is equal to 90% of the target's max HP, capped at 9,999 in the original version. In the Japanese version, Chaos' ultimate attack is named Hurricane. Tornado is instead the name for Chaos' unique weaker Wind attack to single target, it is renamed Whirlwind in the English version.

Cyclone is an enemy ability used exclusively by Yiazmat, which deals Wind-elemental damage and inflicts Sap on the party.

Final Fantasy XIII

Whirlwind is a spinning attack used by the Eidolon Bahamut that launches targets into the air.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Tornado is only usable by enemies. It is part of Hashmal's Dimension Magic skill set.

Cyclone is a Monk ability, learned for 150 JP, that deals physical damage to an enemy in an adjacent square.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Wild Tornado is field spell that can be cast by Illusionists for 32 MP. It can be learned from the Thor Rod for 200 AP.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Wild Tornado can be learned yet again from the Illusionist, and now costs 28 MP to cast and 250 AP to master.

Whirlwind is learned from the Claymore for 300 AP, and costs 8 MP to cast. It is used by the Raptor class, and deals Wind elemental damage to one enemy with a chance of Confusion within 4 squares. A similar ability, Cyclone, just deals Wind elemental damage in a 4 square area, and is learned for 300 AP through the El-Cid, and costs 16 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Tornado is also used to deal Wind-elemental damage to the party, and is used by a variety of enemies.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Tornado is one of Terra's HP attacks. She summons three tornadoes to circle her, striking opponents multiple times, before the three tornadoes converge into one and inflict HP damage. Tornado is also the most powerful form of Shantotto's Spirit Magic: Air, and summons a large tornado that draws in opponents.

Cyclone is an HP attack for Garland, learned at level 37. It repels almost any kind of attack and surrounds Garland for a brief period of time.


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