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Torment Dungeon banner.

Torment Dungeons are an event type and battle mechanic in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Torment battles come in sets of three, with escalating difficulties of 200, 250, and 300. The 200 round has four rounds of enemies followed by a boss, the 250 round has six rounds of enemies followed by a boss, and the 300 round has only the boss and uses Jump Start Battle mechanics.

Torment Dungeons are so named because they are among the most challenging battles the player can attempt. Aside from the boss itself, which is very powerful, the player must also fight their way through several rounds of enemies, attempting to preserve abilities and vitality through the gauntlet.

Torment Dungeon rewards follow a general pattern. The 200 battle rewards Rosetta Stones, a number of Major Orbs, and 30 Job Motes, enough to unlock and fully activate an Empowered Sphere. The 250 battle rewards Major Orbs, Crystals, and Rarity 5 Dark Matter. Finally, the 300 battle rewards Crystals and Rarity 5 Motes. Additionally, Cid's Missions accompany Torment Dungeons. The rewards for them likewise follow a pattern; a handful of Crystals for completing the 200 dungeon with a party of characters from the dungeon's realm, and for the 300 dungeon there are three Missions, for using one, two, and three characters from the dungeon's realm in the party, with the rewards for each being Rarity 5 motes.

These rewards make Torment Dungeons one of the few ways to acquire Rarity 5 motes, and the only way to regularly acquire Job Motes.

On March 9, 2018, all Torment Dungeons were made permanently available, along with associated Cid's Missions.

List of Torment Dungeons[]

Hidden Motives[]

Keepers of Forbidden Power[]

The Mad Dragon King[]

The Dark Mage[]

Dead from the Deep[]

Dark Dweller[]

The Feast of Souls[]

The Wyrm Turns[]

Herald of Doom[]

The Ravenous Deep[]

The Duskwatch[]

Scion of Darkness[]

Instrument of Destruction[]

Galeswept Ground[]

Demon Soul[]