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Entrance to Topple.

Hello, young man! Welcome to Topple!

Topple citizen

Topple (トップル, Toppuru?) is a town in Final Fantasy Adventure. This is the first town that Sumo comes across, minus the Shops and Inn, there's nothing much interesting within this town. The Inn cost 10 GP to stay for the night.


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Sumo and Fuji makes a stop on their way to see Bogard, they learn from the townsfolk that he lives near a waterfall. They also hear that Dark Lord is looking for a girl.

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Name Cost
FFA Potion IconCure 40 GP
FFA Potion IconPure 30 GP
FFA Potion IconEyedrp 60 GP
FFA Key IconKey 15 GP


Name Cost
FFA Sword IconBroad 60 GP
FFA Helmet IconIron 140 GP


  • The player can kill the NPCs found within the town, but they have lot of HP and they do not yield the player any experience points or GP. Since NPCs can be hit, this can be used to "push" them out of the player's way and allow Sumo to pass through if they are blocking the way.
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