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Tools is Edgar's special ability in Final Fantasy VI that allows him to use various machines to create various effects. Tools are found as weapons throughout the game, and as long as a tool exists in the player's inventory, it can be used against enemies. Tools can be sold, and re-obtained by the player later. There are eight tools in total. The Tools command may also be used by the optional character Gogo.

Getting all the Tools in the 2014 mobile/Steam version yields the Mech Mania achievement.

List of tools[]

Name Description Obtaining Image
Auto Crossbow
Physical damage to all opponents. Attack Power is 125, is unblockable, ignores Split Damage. Buy: Figaro Castle, South Figaro
Steal: Trapper, Metal Hitman
Initial: Edgar
Auto Crossbow
Strikes all enemies with a spray of crossbow bolts. Use with the Tools command.
Inflicts confuse on all opponents, 100% success rate. Is unblockable, fails on opponents immune to confuse. Buy: Figaro Castle, South Figaro
Steal: left Crane, Junk
Confuses all enemies with a blast of sound. Use with the Tools command.
(Bio Blaster)
Poison-elemental damage on all enemies, inflicts poison. Spell Power is 20, is unblockable, ignores Split Damage. Buy: Figaro Castle, South Figaro
Steal: Tunnel Armor, Chaser
Drop: Proto Armor
Deals poison damage and sap status to all enemies. Use with the Tools command.
Flash Non-elemental magic damage on all opponents, inflicts darkness. Spell Power is 42, is unblockable, ignores Split Damage. Buy: Figaro Castle (after Narshe battle sequence)
Steal: Death Machine
Inflicts darkness on all enemies with a brilliant flash. Use with the Tools command.
Drill Physical damage to one opponent. Attack Power is 191, is unblockable, ignores defense. Buy: Figaro Castle (after Narshe battle sequence)
Steal: Fortis
Penetrates an enemy's armor to deal severe damage. Use with the Tools command.
(Chain Saw)
Physical damage to one opponent. Attack Power is 252, is unblockable, ignores defense. 25% chance of inflicting death instead, works against undead but fails on targets immune to Death. The Death attack is considered a magical attack. Find: Zozo (Solve the Clock Puzzle)
Steal: Duel Armor
Chainsaw from FFVI Pixel Remaster.jpg
Chainsaw Kill from FFVI Pixel Remaster.jpg
Damages or instantly dispatches an enemy. Use with the Tools command.
Debilitator Assigns a random elemental weakness to one opponent. Is unblockable. Buy: Figaro Castle (World of Ruin)
Steal: Right Crane, Armored Weapon, Missile Bay
Debilitator from FFVI Pixel Remaster.jpg
Assigns an enemy a random elemental weakness. Use with the Tools command.
Air Anchor Inflicts heat to one opponent, will kill the target the next time it attacks. Is unblockable, but fails on enemies immune to death. Find: Cultists' Tower
Steal: Gamma
Air Anchor from FFVI Pixel Remaster.jpg
Air Anchor Message from FFVI Pixel Remaster.jpg
Causes an enemy to self-destruct upon moving. Use with the Tools command.

Other appearances[]

Edgar's other appearances throughout the series normally depict him using his Tools abilities. These typically resemble the same abilities from Final Fantasy VI in function and visuals, but are usually rebalanced for the relative game's combat system. In the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, one of Edgar's cards can use the Drill ability. For two Lightning CP, Dulling Edgar and discarding an Edgar card, Drill lets the player choose a Forward and instantly Break it.

The Tools have sometimes appeared as equipment in other games. In Final Fantasy VII, Barret can obtain the Drill Arm and Chainsaw as melee weapons. In Final Fantasy XV, Noctis, and Prompto can wield the Auto Crossbow, Bioblaster, Circular Saw, Drillbreaker, and Noiseblaster as secondary weapons. In both the 2008 Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, the Machines equipment set uses Chainsaw, Drill, and Auto Crossbow as the hand, head, and body armor; Machine Gun is the weapon for this set in Dissidia Final Fantasy, but Air Anchor replaces it in Dissidia 012. In Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Edgar's first three skills are based on the Auto Crossbow, Drill, and Chainsaw, and deal additional damage to Machinery-type enemies when integrated and mastered.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the Machinist job class has access to Auto Crossbow, Bioblaster, Drill, Air Anchor, and Chain Saw as weaponskills. These abilities are all fired from the same large device.

Behind the scenes[]

Edgar wielding the Chainsaw during its instant death attack.

When the Chainsaw's Death attack is used, Edgar and Gogo don a hockey goalie's mask in similar fashion to Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. This changes it to an actual chainsaw, rather than the normal form which is more akin to a circular saw.

The Debilitator appears to be a headset and eyepiece, which is in line with its animation containing small representations of statistics similar to a Dragon Ball Scouter, including "LEVL" for "level." However, the animation places the eyepiece several pixels below the user's eye, covering the mouth area instead and pulling the headband below the top of the head.

In the original Japanese version of Final Fantasy VI, through a bug it was possible to equip any item as a helmet. The Drill was the most powerful item for this, reflected by actually becoming a helmet in Dissidia.