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Tony is a restaurateur met in Cape Caem from Chapter 8 onwards in Final Fantasy XV. He is part of the farming sidequest the player can do with the vegetable patch near the hideout. After Iris Amicitia asks Noctis to look after the vegetables, he can grow carrots there. After sowing the seeds the player must sleep once to find 3–5 carrots there the next day. The soil becomes impoverished after a while and the player must wait to plant more.

After Noctis's first harvest Tony approaches him to explain his restaurant would like to purchase any goods Noctis can procure, as Caem Carrots are rare and sought after. Noctis can trade the carrots for various goods. It is unknown where Tony's restaurant is, but it seems to be a high end establishment. He may be from Insomnia, as the weapons he yields all absorb elemental power from defeated foes, said to be of Crown City technology.



Ulwaat Berries is a cooking ingredient, and also an item requested by Coctura Arlund in Galdin Quay's restaurant. Delivering the berries to her has her create a new dish Ignis can also learn as a recipe that greatly boosts magic but reduces strength to nothing; the player can get more berries for the recipe from Tony by trading more carrots.


The player can get each decal once, but which one the party obtains is random. If seeking a specific one, the player can save their game, get a decal, and reload if it wasn't the desired one. The decals are stickers for the party members as well as Umbra, Lunafreya's Messenger dog. The decals cost 3 carrots each.


The weapons are upgradeable and given out at random. All of them absorb the elemental powers of defeated foes, like the Engine Blade and its upgrades. If looking for a specific weapon, the player can save their game and try again to get a different one. They cost 4 carrots each.