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Enigmatic creatures purchased on the black market by Don Corneo. These green, robed fiends will slowly approach with no expression on their faces, but a lantern and a chef's knife in hand.

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Tonberry is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII Remake, fought in the Sector 5 Slums as part of the "Malicious Goons" side quest in Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope". They can also be fought in the Shinra Combat Simulator as part of the "vs. Monsters of Legend" challenge, and in hard mode against the Hell House.



Physical damage = Physical damage
Magic damage = Magical damage
Attack Pic Description Block KB(Knockback)
Physical damageChef's Knife Chef's Knife from FFVII Remake Stab a target with its knife, inflicting Instant Death Instant Death. Y N
Physical damageTantrum Does a quickly hop and stabs a target, inflicting Instant Death Instant Death. Y N
Magic damageScourge Scourge from FFVII Remake Preventing the target from moving for 6 seconds. N Y
Magic damageDoom and Gloom Doom and Gloom from FFVII Remake Sends three spirits after a target, inflicting Instant Death Instant Death. N Y
Magic damageBone-Deep Grudge Inflicts Stop Stop on nearby player characters. N N


Chef's Knife.

The tonberry approaches the party slowly, walking towards the player characters. It uses deadly attacks that can kill characters in a single hit, both in range and melee. Before using Chef's Knife, the tonberry will slowly approach a character, and attempt to stab them on close range. Tantrum is often used on other characters when the tonberry cannot reach its main target; it hops quickly towards and attempts a stab. Both these attacks can be blocked or dodged. The Tonberry may phase out of combat, reappearing next to its target to use Chef Knife or Tantrum.

Doom and Gloom, its ranged attack, is the tonberry most dangerous attack. It is a guaranteed hit, meaning it cannot be blocked or dodged; it is only used against characters performing abilities and spells that have a long duration or cast time, such as Barret's Focused Shot and Maximum Fury, or any of the tier 3 offensive magic.

It can also disable characters temporarily with Scourge, which cannot be blocked; usually cast on characters who are far away. Against nearby characters, the tonberry can use Bone-Deep Grudge, which inflicts Stop Stop.

The tonberry's stagger gauge is difficult to build-up normally. After failing to perform an attack, it becomes pressured briefly, unable to act and rendering it vulnerable. Killing it rewards an elixir.

Unlike most biological creatures, the tonberry has no elemental weaknesses.


Doom and Gloom.

It is advised to equip at least one character with Revival Materia Revival Materia, and purchase phoenix downs. The player can also equip Revival Earrings on everyone. Parry Materia Parry Materia is extremely useful for much-needed mobility, and it can be used to avoid Scourge, by activating right before it hits. Deadly Dodge Materia Deadly Dodge Materia can be helpful with how often one will need to dodge-roll during the fight.

Chef's Knife, Tantrum, and Doom and Gloom will instantly kill the player unless they have a mastered Warding Materia Warding Materia linked with Subversion Materia Subversion Materia. Chef's Knife and Tantrum can be blocked, and Cloud can also negate it by holding guard while in Punisher Mode.

The tonberry will counter almost any offensive spell with Doom and Gloom, but the player can take advantage of its other abilities for small windows of opportunity. The tonberry will usually cast Scourge on characters that are very far away from it; when it does, the player can issue another character to cast a spell on it. Even though the Tonberry has a very high Magic Defense Magic Defense, tier 3 magic will instantly knock it down, pressuring it; the player may also take the opportunity to cast Stop Stop to temporarily halt its actions.

It is best to remain on the offensive and use abilities that deal as much damage as possible, and taking opportunities to raise the tonberry's stagger gauge when it misses an attack.

Hard Mode[]

On the hard difficulty, the tonberry will use Scourge far more often, even against characters in close range. It'll be even sturdier and more resistant to stagger damage. The same strategy apply.

The player can use Time Materia Time Materia to cast Haste Haste on the party, and to use Slow Slow or Stop Stop offensively. Once the tonberry is staggered, the player can Tifa's True Strike and Unbridled Strength abilities interchangeably to boost its stagger damage, while Cloud unleashes Infinity's End on it; ATB Boost can be used right as the tonberry staggers to pull it off.

Defeating the tonberry earns Barret the Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. IX.

Tonberries can also appear during the Hell House boss battle in hard mode. The tonberries should be dealt with as soon they're summoned, with Cloud using Triple Slash and Punisher Mode attacks, since most of the time the tonberries drop from the Hell House under the pressured state.

Behind the scenes[]

There is a chalk drawing of a tonberry on the Leaf House blackboard.


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