The tonberries only emerge under the cover of thick fog. Even if you search for them on a misty day, I suspect it might prove difficult for travelers from afar to spot such tiny creatures.

Kingdom Citizen in Amiter

Tonberry is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0. They are fought in the final dungeon, Pandæmonium.

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Enemy Compendium[edit | edit source]

Of all the monsters that inhabit Orience, Rubrum researchers are perhaps least familiar with this reptilian creature, although a colony of tonberries is to reside in the northern reaches of Concordia. Commander Kurasame often travels with a companion bearing a striking resemblance to this monster, but his comrade's relationship to wild tonberries is unclear.

This creature wields a sizeable kitchen knife and dashes in close to stab its opponents. When its friends fall in combat, the tonberry channels their feelings of enmity toward their murderers into a devastating attack known as Everyone's Grudge. Despite their adorable appearance, tonberries are quite powerful and should be approached with caution.

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