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The Tonberry is a species of monster and a specific monster in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. A common sight in the Final Fantasy series, Tonberry are malicious hooded creatures who wield both knife and lantern.

Though they are small in stature and their move rating is low, they have the power to wipe out a foe in a single move. The dangerous Karma skill returns, as does the equally deadly Voodoo. Tonberries will often use Stalk on a unit it intends to finish off with Voodoo, but this can be remedied by blocking off that ally with other units or having the pursued unit flee to the edges of the battlefield.

Classes Edit


The knife of this hooded creature gleams with the hatred of its dead brethren for the living.

TonberryKing FFTA2
Tonberry King

A garish crown rests atop the head of this purple-skinned creature. Its lamp swings mournfully in time with its silent footfalls.

Stats Edit

Monster Move Jump Evasion Resilience Weak Half Null Absorb
Tonberry 2 2 0 65 All elements
Tonberry King 3 2 0 65 All elements

Abilities Edit

Revenge Edit

Tonberries seek retribution for those whose lives were cut short in battle.

Ability MP Range Tonberry Tonberry King
Knife 1 Yes Yes
Reduces HP by 90%. Hit rate of 100%.
Karma 1 Yes Yes
Damages depending on number of monsters slain by target. Hit rate 100%. Damage is equal to the number of kills multiplied by ten, so as soon as the target has 100 kills, they are automatically KO'd, even if they are immune to Instant Death.
Butcher's Knife 1 Yes Yes
Reduces target's HP to 1. Hit rate 100%.
Voodoo 1 Yes Yes
Deals 999 damage.
Stalk 6 Yes Yes
Targets unit. Tonberry will not act until it is adjacent to target, at which point it will KO target with 100% accuracy.

Trivia Edit

  • Occasionally, a Tonberry King will appear in the "Bonga Bugle: Bloodfire" mission. It will tentatively ask for an elixir and will give a small note thanking Luso for it afterwards.
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