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A kitchen knife. Wonder if it's a culinary battle he wants.


Tonberry is a daemon in Final Fantasy XV fought at night on some Cleigne roads, during the hunt The Case of the Disappearing Hunters, and in the Steyliff Grove maze.

A Lv.10 triad can partake in the All-Star Monster Mayhem league at Totomostro at night with the team name Grudge Bearers. Ranker Tonberry fishing lure is fashioned after tonberry. There is also the unique Knife T. Tonberry obtained from Navyth Arlund.


A diminutive daemon that holds deep-seated grudges under its hood. It relies on its small stature, sluggish movements, and rounded features to lull victims into a false sense of security before striking swiftly and suddenly, plunging its knife in for the kill.
Size: 2.85 ft. Weight: 150.5 lb.
An adorable knife-wielding maniac skulking around Altissia. Whether it migrated from Lucian shores or was natural-born in Accordo is the subject of heated scholarly debate.
Size: 2.88 ft. Weight: 151.4 lb.
An offshoot of the common tonberry altered by the absence of light. It may appear ordinary on the surface, yet several subtle differences lie under the hood. Observed primarily around Galdin Quay.
Size: 2.98 ft. Weight: 155.4 lb.
A ripper prowling the paths of Steyliff Grove. The blade it totes is soaked in the blood of many a hunter, this deadliest of tonberries capable of claiming lives with one fell swoop. Its killing spree has thankfully been confined to the grove.
Size: 3.08 ft. Weight: 157.4 lb.


The Case of the Disappearing HuntersAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Tonberry x2Altissia (Nighttime)294,740 gil, Megalixir★★


The official guide does not list the stats for all versions of the tonberry.

Level 29 Random Enemy


Level 29 Ch.14 Enemy

Level 84 Enemy


Rather than wander around and meander as popularly depicted, tonberries in Final Fantasy XV appear without warning to strike. They sometimes accompany other enemies like red giants or ronin. They appear on the roads to Meldacio Hunter HQ and along road that runs near the river near Old Lestallum and an imperial base, among other places.

Tonberries are tenacious creatures, and rush in with abandon to stab the player with their chef's knives for physical damage. Rarely, they may let loose a magical fire-elemental slow moving but homing wisp capable of inflicting Burnt status, which can sneak up on players busy and unaware of their surroundings. They use both physical and magical attacks and can inflict Stop. They are weak to daggers, firearms and ice. Tonberries switch between aggressive and passive modes. In the latter, they charge away from the player.


Players must be alert and on the defensive and not waver to react; tonberries' rush to stab is immediate and sudden. Blocking the stabbing attack allows for a parry, but this window requires immaculate speed to react to. Merely going all out with a normal offensive is not recommended; tonberries are not delayed or thrown off when hit constantly. When tonberries are in aggressive mode it's best to defend and watch for parry prompts. The player can simply hold the defense button and replenish MP with items when it runs low (or use the Magitek Booster item). Greatswords have strong parries and the strongest link-strikes, which might randomly happen when the player parries. Parrying with the royal arms does not cost HP, but never leads to link-strikes. When tonberries are in passive mode, the player can get in blindside-strikes, made even better if the party has Friendship Bands equipped for blindside-links.

Tonberries' weaknesses to daggers and ice might make character-swapping to Ignis a good choice. The player can also engulf them in Blizzard magic with elemancy, or use Ignis's Enhancement to bestow the ice element to Noctis's weapon. Tonberries are also weak to Prompto's firearms, who can fire at them from afar, though Prompto is not particularly durable against a tonberrian onslaught. Prompto's Starshell and Piercer can be used to weaken the tonberries. Gladiolus's Royal Guard Technique can be useful for recovering if Noctis is hit by a tonberry, and character-swapping to him lets the player block the tonberries' attacks with his shield to build up his special attack gauge and damage multiplier.

Other appearances[]

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV[]

A King's Tale FFXV Tonberry.png

Tonberries hold a lantern that casts a circle of light which will slow Regis's movement whenever he steps into it. Using ice magic on the Tonberry will temporarily put out the light. The Tonberry's knife attack can kill Regis in a single hit, but it can be avoided with a roll-dodge (X/A) or blocked with a Shield Bash (Circle/B).

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

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