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Tonberry is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. It can be found on Gran Pulse. It is the mark of Cie'th Stone Mission 34 and 41.

In Mission 34, Tonberry faces the party after it kills the Undying Cie'th, Zenobia, and is fought in its stead. Defeating Tonberry opens up a set of missions known as Titan's Trials, which are harder than Tonberry, so one should take care in deciding if this fight is worth the patience if one is having trouble.

Mission Edit

34 - Zenobia, The ButcherEdit

Mark: Tonberry
Locale: Archylte Steppe - Haerii Archaeopolis
Class: B

The Undying—fearsome Cie'th who defy fal'Cie will, driven by an intense loathing of all that lives. Zenobia, The Butcher, is of their number, and I, of her line. But I go now to stay her blade, as my father and his father before him once attempted.

The Butcher's den is in the old Haerii archaeopolis, at the northern edge of the steppe. There, at the scene of her foulest atrocities, I will expunge her taint, and restore my family's honor.

41 - Gaian GrudgeEdit

Mark: Tonberry
Locale: Faultwarrens - Gaian Path
Class: A

Divine bounty fills the earth with life, giving birth to all creation.

A tonberry stands upon the living earth, consuming stagnation within the flow, ready to decide your fate.

Face its judgment.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Mission 34 Edit

If Tonberry is not killed fast enough, it will use devastating Grudge attacks that will either KO or HP Critical everyone. Tonberry is weak to Earth. The Tonberry's attacks have an instant Dispel effect.

Strategy Edit

There are many ways to beat Tonberry if the party is adequately leveled. Healing with a low-level party is a waste of time, and instead the party should use Renew and start the battle with at least four TP, enough for two Renews. If the player enters with a full TP bar they can also use Quake, which the Tonberry is weak to.

The party should aim to debuff Tonberry at the start of the battle. Using a Librascope reveals Tonberry's weaknesses to the AI party members. COM/SAB/SAB works well. Sometimes using Sentinel is recommended, but this can potentially slow the party down. It is not worth using a Synergist.

Once the Tonberry has been adequately debuffed (Slow, Deprotect, Deshell, and Imperil are effective), the party should aim to deal as much damage as possible to kill it off (alternatively, spamming Vanille's Death will work too). COM/COM/RAV is effective, and the party can also use Quake if they have any spare TP.

A SEN/RAV/RAV (Mystic Tower) can be used to stagger Tonberry, as while the Ravagers are attacking Tonberry, the Sentinel leader can manually enter and then repeat the ability string Mediguard/Provoke/Mediguard/Provoke/Mediguard to keep Tonberry's focus. Provoking too much seems to trigger an earlier Grudge. It is possible to finish Tonberry off with the SEN/RAV/RAV due to the combination effect of the Saboteur debuffs and Ravager hits, but COM/RAV/RAV (Relentless Assault) is handy on standby for when Tonberry is staggered, as he still might decide to Grudge and the Commando's launch helps to stave that off.

Mission 41 Edit

In this mission the party will encounter three Tonberries.

Before the battle the player should use Fortisol, Aegisol, and Deceptisol to buff the party and to allow for preemptive strike. When the battle starts, the player can use Quake, and then attack with all the party's got, and the party should be able to kill two, or at least one of the Tonberries, right off the bat.

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