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Tonberries are a race of tiny Beastmen that primarily dwell in the Yhoator Jungle on the eastern half of Elshimo Island. The Tonberries possess a great deal of rancor in their hearts. It is this anger that binds them as a tribe while driving them to commit terrible acts against all other beings.

During the Great War, the majority of the Tonberries remained in their strongholds, the Temple of Uggalepih and Pso'Xja. However, a few elite members of the tribe were sent to the Shadow Lord to act as his secret agents. These Tonberries would often sneak into the castles of the allied forces and assassinate important generals or political figures. Feared around Vana'diel, these beastmen were often referred to as the "invisible killers".

According to the Tonberries' religion, their creator, the Goddess Uggalepih, had beauty that was envied by the Goddess Altana. A furious Altana transformed Uggalepih into a hideous beast and exiled her to the Outlands. Revenge for Altana's actions is said to be one of the origins of their rancor.

Nevertheless, according to Grav'iton, many Tonberries are actually warped Kuluu.

Finally, the reason why they are never found without their lanterns or knives is explained in the following verses, often chanted by the Tonberries before battle:

"O brothersss of rancor, take up thy lanternsss,
The truth we shall illuminate.
O sistersss of rancor, take up thy knives,
To cleave our foesss with barren hate.
Through this we ssseek our just reward;
Our goddess's glory be ressstored."

Tonberries are most like small lizard-men in appearance, having green-colored skin, long tails, yellow eyes and a hunched appearance. In either hand each Tonberry carries a weapon (club or knife) and a lantern.

A set of stars, visible in the Southern nighttime sky, that resemble a Tonberry. It is said the Tonberry is aiming for Daemdalus, the main star of Titan.

The Tonberries' Rancor[]

When a Tonberry is defeated by a party, all members of that party that are within the same zone will have their Tonberry Hate incremented. Tonberry Hate, often referred to as the Tonberries' rancor, is an invisible modifier that determines the overall damage output of the Tonberry special attack Everyone's Grudge (5x damage for every Tonberry defeated) and the Tonberry NM special attack Everyone's Rancor (50x damage for each Tonberry defeated). Gradually, Tonberry Hate can reach a point where it will become impossible to survive these attacks if they are directed at the player.

Tonberry Hate can be reset to zero through completing the Norg quest "Everyone's Grudge" and obtaining the permanent key item Tonberry Key. The key allows the player access to the trapped Tonberry Priest NPC in the Temple of Uggalepih, who will reset the players' hate if he is paid the gil he asks for. The amount of gil required increases based on the hate accumulated. As the Tonberry Key is a permanent item, the quest only needs to be done once, but the player must pay gil to the Tonberry Priest NPC every time they wish to reset hate. The player must have at least some Tonberry Hate to obtain the necessary quest, meaning they must have defeated at least one Tonberry, or have been a member of a party that defeated one.

There is also a "Cryptonberry" sub-family of Tonberry found in Pso'Xja and Apollyon. These enemies will not use Everyone's Grudge, and their defeat does not appear to increase Tonberry Hate.

It is possible to negate the hate build-up of a defeated Tonberry by doing a Call for Help prior to its defeat. If the player is about to fight a Tonberry Notorious Monster that uses Everyone's Rancor, such as during Zilart Mission 4, it may be wise to reset Tonberry Hate prior to the fight, and Call for Help on any Tonberries that they may have to deal with prior to fighting the NM, to avoid building the hate once again. If attempting to farm items from Tonberries, it would be wise to do so prior to resetting Tonberry Hate, unless Tonberry Hate was already extremely high.

Wearing the Uggalepih Necklace offers scaling protection from Everyone's Grudge/Rancor. Having this necklace on along with 300 TP will fully protect the player from one Everyone's Grudge/Rancor (after which TP will be reduced to zero), regardless of how much Tonberry Hate they player may have. The damage reduction scales proportionally, meaning that if the player only had 150 TP, damage will only be halved.


  • Cryptonberry Cutter
  • Cryptonberry Harrier
  • Cryptonberry Plaguer
  • Cryptonberry Stalker
  • Tonberry Bedeviler
  • Tonberry Beleaguerer
  • Tonberry Chopper
  • Tonberry Creeper
  • Tonberry Cutter
  • Tonberry Dismayer
  • Tonberry Harasser
  • Tonberry Harrier
  • Tonberry Hexer
  • Tonberry Imprecator
  • Tonberry Jinxer
  • Tonberry Maledictor
  • Tonberry Pursuer
  • Tonberry Shadower
  • Tonberry Slasher
  • Tonberry Stabber
  • Tonberry Stalker
  • Tonberry Trailer

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Beryl-footed Molberry
  • Bisque-heeled Sunberry
  • Bistre-hearted Malberry
  • Bonze Marberry
  • Bright-handed Kunberry
  • Carmine-tailed Janberry
  • Celeste-eyed Tozberry
  • Crimson-toothed Pawberry
  • Cryptonberry Abductor
  • Cryptonberry Assassin
  • Cryptonberry Charmer
  • Cryptonberry Designator
  • Cryptonberry Executor
  • Cryptonberry Skulker
  • Cyaneous-toed Yallberry
  • Golden-Tongued Culberry
  • Grav'iton
  • Hoar-knuckled Rimberry
  • Molyb'iton
  • Noctonberry Black Mage
  • Noctonberry Ninja
  • Noctonberry Summoner
  • Noctonberry Thief
  • Sable-tounged Gonberry
  • Sozu Bliberry
  • Sozu Rogberry
  • Sozu Sarberry
  • Sozu Terberry
  • Tawny-fingered Mugberry
  • Tonberry Decapitator
  • Tonberry Decimator
  • Tonberry Kinq
  • Tonberry Lieje
  • Tonberry Pontifex
  • Tonberry Tracker
  • Tungs'iton
  • Vermillion-eared Noberry
  • Virid-faced Shanberry


  • Chef Nonberry
  • Cook Balberry
  • Cook Fulberry
  • Cook Minberry
  • Cook Solberry
  • Lourdaude
  • Patissier Linberry
  • Plongeur Monberry
  • Riche
  • Roi
  • Tonberry Priest

Special attacks[]

  • Everyone's Grudge: Deals damage based on the Tonberries' hatred of the individual. Not used by Cryptonberries. Ignores Utsusemi.
  • Everyone's Rancor: Damage based on the Tonberries' hatred of the individual. Deals 10x the damage of Everyone's Grudge. Ignores Utsusemi. Used only by Notorious Monsters, generally only used once when the NM reaches 25% HP or below.
  • Throat Stab: Single target damage which attempts to inflict enough damage to reduce the target's HP to 5%. Enmity reset on target if it hits. The actions of one Tonberry's Throat Stab will not erase any enmity accumulated by other monsters that may have linked. Amount can be affected by Stoneskin or other unknown factors. Ignores Utsusemi. Albeit very rare, it is possible for Throat Stab to actually kill the player if they are already low on HP. There is time to disengage target and run out of range to avoid this move.
  • Vertical Slash: Single target damage and Accuracy Down, absorbed by Utsusemi.
  • Lateral Slash: Single target damage and Defense Down, absorbed by Utsusemi.
  • Light of Penance: Gaze Attack. Single target TP reset, Bind, and Blind. If the player is facing the Tonberry using this ability, the Bind/Blind effects may be resisted, but TP will always be reduced to zero.
  • Sigh: Self Evasion Boost. Extremely potent, but quickly decays over time.
  • Words of Bane: Single target Curse. Usually short duration on high-level players. Chance of TP reset.