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Sneaky beings that slowly creep through the darkness carrying knives and lanterns. Their incessant, innocent stare stabs through opponents, pushing them over the brink of despair.

Dissidia Final Fantasy museum description

Artwork for Final Fantasy IX.

The Tonberry (トンベリ, Tonberi?), sometimes known as Pug, Dinglberry, Tonberries and Meteor Master, is a recurring enemy from the Final Fantasy series designed by Tetsuya Nomura. Since its debut in Final Fantasy V, the Tonberry has become a series mainstay and along with the Cactuar and Malboro, it stands as one of the series's iconic and formidable enemies. It also appears as a summoned monster in several games.

Tonberries are small, usually no taller than three feet, although some games feature giant variants. They have green skin, round heads with small snouts, yellow eyes and a fish tail. They wear dark brown cloaks with hoods and carry an old-fashioned lantern and a small butcher knife. Tonberries usually reside within caves and attack alone, though in a handful of games they appear in small groups.

In battle, Tonberries advance towards the player party and when close use their signature Chef's Knife attack, which either does massive damage or instantly kills a party member. If attacked, they counter with Karma, doing damage to the attacker based on how many enemies they have slain. Compounding their offensive strength is their high HP.

The Master Tonberry and Tonberry King are common variants, being stronger Tonberries that are sometimes treated as bosses. To denote their higher rank they appear with golden stars or crowns over their heads.


Final Fantasy V[]


The Tonberry (Dinglberry in Anthology) makes its debut. They have high HP and slowly approach the party to prepare their Knife attack, which does high damage and ignores defense.

Final Fantasy VI[]


The Tonberry (Pug on the SNES and in Anthology) attacks solo, and the related Tonberries enemy attacks in trios. It counters attacks with its special attack Knife for heavy damage, and follows it up with the Lore Traveler, where damage depends on the number of steps the party has taken. The Master Tonberry is a monster-in-a-box boss that can change its elemental properties.

In the Final Fantasy Anthology release, the Bestiary refers to them as Tonberry, although the name Pug is kept otherwise. There is also a boss fight against several Tonberries merged as one, and a powerful Tonberry called Master Tonberry.

Final Fantasy VII[]

A Tonberry.

Tonberries appear exclusively in the Gold Saucer Battle Square. They were originally planned to appear in the Whirlwind Maze and their encounter data exists there, but they cannot be fought without cheats or hacks. The stronger Master Tonberry is found in the final dungeon.

Each time a Tonberry or Master Tonberry gets a turn, it walks two steps towards the party. Once a party member is within the knife's reach, it inflicts instant death. Death Force or a death-blocking accessory can render party members immune to this attack. Between the Tonberry's turns, the party may attack it twice undeterred. Any additional attacks (between Tonberry's turns) is retaliated with an unstoppable counterattack called Time Damage. Master Tonberry tolerates one attack instead of two, and uses a more powerful counterattack called Everyone's Grudge that deals damage based on the number of enemies the character has killed.

Tonberries and Master Tonberries are useful enemies for the items they yield for stealing and morphing.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[]

The Tonberry is an enemy.

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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]


Tonberries appear in large numbers in three special missions, as well as a single Master Tonberry. The Tonberry King is a massive Tonberry that appears in the harder missions. Tonberries are slow and use Chef's Knife to deal heavy damage. Some of the stronger variants can teleport to avoid attacks and get close enough to Zack to attack. A subset of missions involving Zack tracking Tonberries rewards him with the Tonberry summon.

Tonberry summon on the Digital Mind Wave is obtained from the Tonberry's Knife. Murderous Thrust damages an enemy and ignores Vitality. The power of the attack is based on the level:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
52 60 64 68 78

The following Tonberry enemies can be fought:

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Tonberry from FFVII Remake render

A Tonberry features in the Chapter 14 sidequest "Malicious Goons". When Cloud and his party arrive at the Sector 5 Slums to deal with Don Corneo's lackeys, the goons pit the party against a Tonberry bought off the black market.

Tonberries move slowly and use instant death moves. They will target a party member and slowly walk towards them, using Chef's Knife if they get in melee range, which instantly kill party members; however, dodging it will briefly leave them susceptible to stagger. They can instantly kill characters that use offensive magic on them by casting Doom and Gloom, which has unlimited range. Occasionally they will use Scourge (which stuns) Bone-Deep Grudge (which causes Stop) on characters, so they can approach them and use Chef's Knife. They can also randomly unleash Tantrum, which will instantly kill the character that dealt the most damage to it.

A weaker version of Tonberries, simply called "???????", can be summoned by a moogle during the Fat Chocobo fight in Chadley's Combat Simulator. These are mostly harmless and won't use any dangerous instant death moves.

Tonberries also appear in the Shinra Building Combat Simulator, and can also be summoned by the Hell House on the Hard Mode.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier[]

Tonberry from FFVII The First Soldier

Tonberry is an enemy that guards multiple chests, will teleport behind candidates with Tantrum and cast Doom and Gloom when approached.

Final Fantasy VIII[]


Tonberries appear as regular enemies in Centra Ruins—an optional dungeon the player can reach once they can freely travel the seas on the world map—and in the final dungeon. They use Chef's Knife and Karma. If the player kills enough Tonberries in the Centra Ruins, the Tonberry King appears, who yields Tonberry as a Guardian Force when defeated.

Tonberry has the LV Up and LV Down skills that may be needed to gather certain rare items from enemies. It also has abilities relating to shops, such as receiving discounts, accessing a shop from any location, allowing the purchase of rare items, and selling items for a greater price. It has no junction or refine abilities.

Chef's Knife, GF Tonberry's attack, deals non-elemental damage to a random enemy. Tonberry's compatibility is boosted by 20 when summoned, and its compatibility with the user decreases by 1.6 if the player summons another GF. Tonberry doesn't have an "opposing" GF whose summoning would greatly decrease compatibility, nor does casting magic affect its compatibility. The compatibility item Chef's Knife increases compatibility by 3.2, and the LuvLuvG by 20.2, as with every other GF.

Regular Tonberry and the Tonberry King have Triple Triad cards.

Final Fantasy IX[]


Tonberries attack in trios and are found in Ipsen's Castle. Chef's Knife does 9999 damage, ensuring a kill, but Everyone's Grudge functions based on the number of Tonberry enemies killed, rather than all enemies, and so usually does little damage.

Final Fantasy X[]


Tonberries appear in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, while the Master Tonberry appears in the Omega Ruins. Don Tonberry is a special boss created in the Monster Arena. In addition to their trademark Karma and Chef's Knife, all Tonberries have the ability "Voodoo", which deals massive damage to a summoned aeon. Don Tonberry is a useful enemy for an AP farming trick that lets the player complete the Sphere Grid faster.

In an early sketch for Lulu, Tonberry was listed as an idea for one of her dolls while Cait Sith was not listed.[1]

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Tonberry ffx-2

Tonberries are found in Via Infinito, as one of only two enemies visible on the map instead of in a random encounter (the other being the Elder Drake for the first half of the Via Infinito). Touching the Tonberry will trigger a battle, which is often mandatory to clear the floor.

Deeper into the Via Infinito, players will encounter the deadly Mega Tonberry as well. These immensely dangerous creatures can slaughter even a max-level party in seconds without careful preparation, so evading contact with them becomes a major part of the puzzles on later floors. They do, however, have the ultimate Blue Bullet the player can learn.

At the same time the Mega Tonberry enemies begin appearing, a third variant appears that gives the player items. This variant appears as a normal Tonberry accompanied by what appears to be a baby Tonberry; talking to the baby will trip it over, while the parent will give the player a random item from a short list.

Tonberries Oversoul after 16 kills.

Sphere Break[]
Tonberry Coin
Silver Tonberry Coin
Gold Tonberry Coin
Coin No. 35 Coin Value 4
Trait Quota x2
Location Win: Luca Stadium (Shinra Core Sphere player)
Find: Bikanel Eastern or Northern Expanses

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission[]

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Final Fantasy XI[]


Tonberries are a beastmen who reside in ancient structures across Vana'diel, mainly the Temple of Uggalepih in Yhoator Jungle, and the ruins of Pso'Xja. They were introduced in the Rise of the Zilart expansion.

Tonberries are said to be filled with rage, or "rancor", that drives them to commit terrible acts against other beings, and resent those who have slain their race. According to the Tonberries' religion, their creator, the Goddess Uggalepih, had beauty that was envied by the Goddess Altana (the Goddess worshiped by the Enlightened Races). A furious Altana transformed Uggalepih into a hideous beast and exiled her to the Outlands. Revenge for Altana's actions is said to be one of the origins of the Tonberries' rancor.

Their signature Grudge move makes use of their rancor, and will deal more damage to a player for each Tonberry they have defeated—meaning players are often wary of fighting or killing Tonberries.

The truth behind the Tonberries' origins are not widely known. In fact, the Tonberries are the remains of the ancient Kuluu race mutated by the intense magic released from the crystals during an event known as the "Meltdown" 1,000 years ago, which nearly destroyed Vana'diel. Players can talk to Tonberries on special occasions, when their Kuluu spirit re-forms, making it the second Final Fantasy title that allows the player to converse with them.

Final Fantasy XII[]

The Tonberry is a codename for the pilot of an air-to-ground offensive machine fought in the prologue. The codename "Tonberry" is mentioned after Reks defeats the Air Cutter Remora and it sounds the retreat.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Tonberry RW

Tonberry is a level 2 non-elemental melee Esper. Its normal attack is Knife, which lowers stamina and deals damage to one foe, and its special is Karma, dealing damage to a foe based on the number of the target's kills. Enemy Tonberries are red-skinned in contrast to the allied green-skinned ones.


Fortress - Tonberry

Tonberry was set to appear in this cancelled spinoff installment, albeit with a more grotesque appearance compared to previous incarnations.

Final Fantasy XIII[]


A Tonberry faces the party after it kills the Undying Cie'th, Zenobia, and is fought in its stead. Tonberries are fast. Its knife removes positive status effects from the player and its signature move is "Deep-seated Grudge" which, after a build-up, restores its HP and inflicts damage proportional to the amount of HP it had lost to the entire party. The longer it is fought, the stronger it becomes, and the greater the reward. A later mission in Titan's trials features three Tonberries at once.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

FFXIII2 Adornment - Tonberry Figurine

Tonberry is a rare encounter in Bresha Ruins 300 AF, and Don Tonberry appears in Bresha Ruins 100 AF. Both appear on the field as a swirling mass of dark energy. They are powerful and likely too strong for the party to defeat the first time they visit these areas.

Tonberry is also available as an adornment for monsters.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Ffxiv tonberry minion

The Wind-up Tonberry minion.

Tonberries are the old citizens of the Nymian civilization, destroyed by a mysterious disease called the "Green Death" or "Sickness from the Sea" that turned most of its population into the creatures. Centuries of isolation and prejudice from other races have turned most tonberries into rage-fueled creatures who live in hiding inside the Wanderer's Palace. Later, it is revealed that their hostility is a direct result of the influence of their king, and upon his defeat, they revert to friendly creatures. Taking advantage of this, a group of Mamool Ja mercenaries invade their palace, slaying and imprisoning many Tonberries until the Warrior of Light comes to their rescue. The history of the ailment is further elaborated in Heavensward, in which the plague was traced to a voidsent named Bitoso.

Tonberries are featured mainly as part of the Scholar questline, and as enemies in the Wanderer's Palace dungeon. They also appear as friendly NPCs during the Hard Mode version of the Wanderer's Palace. Unlike tonberries in other titles, a regular tonberry moves faster than player's regular speed, making it unable to be kited. Tonberry Stalkers are larger-scaled monsters, taller than player characters, and invincible from player's attacks. They patrol fixed routes and attack with Chef's Knife. Tonberries can deal high damage with their Chef's Knife and the Tonberry King has the signature Everybody's Grudge ability, which deals increased damage based on the number of tonberries killed, but unlike previous incarnations of the move, its kill counter resets every time a player is hit by it.

In patch 2.1, A Realm Awoken, a Wind-up Tonberry minion was added as a possible reward from doing treasure hunts with a Timeworn Boarskin Map.

Final Fantasy XV[]

Tonberry FFXV

Tonberries are daemons which can be fought at night, during The Case of the Disappearing Hunters Hunt and in the Steyliff Grove maze in Cleigne during chapter 15. They employ Fire-based attacks and can inflict Burnt.

Master Tonberry and Sir Tonberry are stronger versions of the Tonberry.

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV[]

A King's Tale FFXV Tonberry
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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]


Tonberries appear in one mission and one clan encounter, where they are a threat because, while they have low Move and Speed, they specialize in Knife and Karma. The Masterberries have high speed and the powerful Voodoo spell, making them more dangerous than their green cousins.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Tonberry and Tonberry King appear as enemies. One of them has even posted a (rather creepy) notice in the pub, desiring revenge for the fallen monsters Clan Gully has beaten, a reference to its ability, Karma. When the petitioner is met in person, it croaks out "Everyone who has fallen... all their hate... IS YOURS!"

Crystal Defenders[]

CD Tonberry

Tonberries appear as basic enemies, in W1 and W2.

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Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Born on the Isle of Dragon Sanctuary, this tonberry serves as Kurasame's attendant. Injured in a skirmish with a lesser lopros, Tonberry was immobilized and struggling to survive when Kurasame stumbled upon him and saved his life. Tonberry shared the story of the kind young man who rescued him, and the tonberries in and around Amiter have been friendly toward humans ever since. Eager to repay his debt to Kurasame, Tonberry typically stays out of the spotlight, standing behind his savior and giving Kurasame the extra push he needs. Nothing makes Tonberry happier than helping out the young man who saved him, but he rarely puts those feelings into words.

Akademeia Tonberry.

Tonberries are common enemies in the final dungeon. They are quick, but remain clumsy and sometimes they stumble and become vulnerable to Killsight. Their Karma attack inflicts Stop.

Kurasame Susaya, Class Zero's commanding officer, has a pet Tonberry whom he deploys in battle if the class has accepted support personnel and he himself is unable to go. He is equipped with a Kitchen Knife, Safety Bit, and Angel Earrings. He uses Death Grudge, Thundaga SHG-II, and Curaga.

Kurasame's Tonberry wears the same uniform as his students. Kurasame's memories suggest he rescued the Tonberry when it was injured, after which it accompanied him out of gratitude. Kurasame's Tonberry is the first Tonberry to become a party member within the Final Fantasy series, outside of characters using monster-taming abilities.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]



Tonberries appear as enemies. There are also Tonberry Chefs in the Moschet Manor.

When Jack Moschet, the gigas Lord of the Manor, hungers for dinner, he consults his small platoon of Tonberry Chefs to do the job, ordering they make great haste. The Chefs tend to take "their own good time" when preparing meals for Jack and his lamia wife, Maggie, and at their master's command, they shuffle into the kitchen, spatulas in-hand.

Soon enough, the Tipa Caravan wanders into the Manor. As they explore, they encounter the Chefs loitering about, either in the kitchen or throughout the lavish chambers within (making one question whether they were doing their job for Jack). The Caravanners slays the Tonberries as they go on plundering the house for treasures and whatever else they can find.

Upon exiting the final room—and having purged the house of Tonberries—the Caravan is accosted by Jack, who is livid at the sight of the bare dining table. As Jack searches for the culprits, he discovers the ghosts of his hapless Tonberry Chefs floating above the lawn. They turn towards the Caravanners, naming them as the culprits, and thus, Jack assaults the intruders.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord[]

Tonberry CC Darklord

Tonberries are characters who carry out the evil schemes of Princess Mira. One of the important Tonberries is named Tonbetty.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers[]

Tonberries are enemies with several variations:

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Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

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Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]


Tonberry being summoned.

Sneaky beings that slowly creep through the darkness carrying knives and lanterns.

Summon Compendium

Tonberry appears as a summon. When summoned, its Final Fantasy VIII artwork appears and a Tonberry sprite will begin moving towards the opponent's Bravery. Upon reaching the opponent's Bravery, it deals damage to the Bravery equal to the HP the summoner has lost during battle. This summon can be obtained as a Stage Bonus on the Destiny Odyssey V storyline. The Tonberry sprite the summon conjures is based on the Tonberry's sprite from Final Fantasy V.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Tonberry is a summonstone with the same function as in Dissidia Final Fantasy. It can be purchased from certain Moogle Shops for 30 KP.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Theatrhythm Tonberry

Mysterious beings found in dungeons, they slink toward you holding their flickering lanterns aloft before they stab out with a strange bloodlust. You cannot flee, only watch them draw ever closer in horrified fascination - and pray.

Tonberry's CollectaCard

Tonberries appear as enemies during Battle Music Sequences.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Theatrhythm CC Tonberry King

Tonberry King and regular Tonberries appears as enemies during Battle Music Sequences.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

Tonberry from Final Fantasy V and Master Tonberry from Final Fantasy VII appear as an enemies.

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Final Fantasy All the Bravest[]

These fiends lurk in darkness, slowly drawing near those whose eyes meet theirs

Tonberry ATB

The Tonberry is an enemy encountered on the Palamecia Desert. It uses Knife and drops the Ichigeki weapon.

The Final Fantasy VI version of the Master Tonberry appears as a premium enemy on the Outskirts of Midgar.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Explorers[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Mobius Final Fantasy[]

MFF Tonberry Model

A costume for Echo can be obtained on the Spirit Grove with Spirit tickets, its purely aesthetic. This costume is available until Friday, September 30 11:59PM (UTC-8).

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World of Final Fantasy[]

WoFF Tonberry

The Tonberry appears as an obtainable Mirage. The three Tonberry variants obtainable within are Baby Tonberry, Tonberry and Tonberry King.

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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin[]

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Everyone's Grudge (Enemy Skill): Fires a series of dark souls which progressively does more damage the more enemies slain in a level.

Numb / Silence: Causes paralysis or Silence on the Player if Hit without being blocked.

Masters / Chef's Knife: Deals high damage with a simple stab.

Doom and Gloom: Instantly reduces Player break gauge to 0 if within the summoned Circle.

Death Wish: Teleports infront of the Player (Usually followed by Master's / Chef's Knife)

Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon[]

Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon Tonberry
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Chocobo's Dungeon 2[]



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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales[]

Tonberry appears on cards. He has a total of five non-elemental cards.

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#109 Gray
None Defend None Defend
Poison Cloud
Crystal Ability (*)

Deals 3 damage and causes Poison.

#110 ★★ Gray
Defend None Attack None
Crystal Ability (*)

Deals 5 damage and causes Slow.

#111 Gray
None Attack None Defend
Crystal Ability (***)

Deal damage equal to 1/2 of your remaining HP.

#112 ★★ Gray
Defend None Attack None

If your HP is 7 or less, deal 7 damage.

#113 ★★★ Gray
None Attack None Defend

If your HP is 3 or less, deal 10 damage.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon[]

Tonberry render.
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Dice de Chocobo[]

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Final Fantasy: Unlimited[]

Tonberry appears as a summon under the name Meteor Master. Their appearances are slightly similar, as the Meteor Master has the same spherical eyes, reptilian shape, and absent mouth. The Meteor Master even has variations of the Tonberry's trademark lantern and knife.

The Soil Charge Triad (Soil is like the colored bullet of a Magun, used to summon creatures) needed to summon Meteor Master is:

  • A thunderous boom shatters the skies, Horizon Gold!
  • A wrath of anger pours down from the heavens, Aero Black!
  • A wedge of light strikes for all eternity, Fort Silver!

Followed by saying: "Annihilate! Summoned Creature! Meteor Master!"

Meteor Master

In the English audio version, the Soil Charge Triad was changed to:

  • The roar of the sky engulfed in flames, Horizon Gold!
  • The daggers of an angry rain, Arrow Black!
  • The light that drives a wedge into eternity, Photon Silver!

Followed by saying: "Destroy! I summon you! Meteor Master!"

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Tonberries appear in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Water-elemental Backup and Monster cards.

Final Fantasy Portal App[]

Tonberries from the series appear as Triple Triad cards.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable[]

Tonberry is a chance card with the ability: All houses rent up 30%.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light[]

Tonberry appears as a recruitable monster during the crossover with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It can be bred to the Master Tonberry.

Dynami Tracer[]

Tonberry DynamiTracer

A Tonberry named Jim is a playable character.

Kingdom Hearts[]

In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, a special Gummi Ship blueprint called Tonberry can be obtained by completing the Agrabah gummi ship Mission 3.

In Kingdom Hearts II, the Tonberry blueprint can be obtained by receiving an S-Rank in the Phantom Storm (Mission 2). It costs 1161 munny and requires 194x Material-G, Comet-G, Orichalcum-G, Excalibur-G, Bubble Helm-G blocks to make.

In Kingdom Hearts III, the player can photograph a constellation which takes the form of a Tonberry. Doing so unlocks a special Tonberry Gummi Ship and the Tonberry Gazer title.

Lord of Vermilion[]

A Tonberry appears as a card in Lord of Vermilion III.

It reappears in Lord of Vermilion Arena.

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Puzzle & Dragons[]

PAD Tonberry


Tonberry appeared as part of the Crystal Defenders collaboration.

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Brawl Royale[]

A Tonberry appears as the second enemy of the quick-draw Tournament.

Rise of Mana[]


The tonberry is possibly derived from stories of will-o'-the-wisps, ghostly lights or lamps said to be spirits of the dead or other beings that lead travelers astray. It may also be derived from stories of Jack-o'-lantern, which are themselves derived from stories of will-o'-the-wisps, a man who tricked the Devil into never taking his soul, and as such, when he died and there was no place for him to go, was condemned to forever wander the world with a lantern lit by an ember from the flames of the underworld.

The tonberry's appearance is probably based on the Umibōzu or sea monk creature that appears in both western and Japanese folklore, and was said to resemble a fish-like man with the shaved head and robe of a friar or monk.

Their use of chef's knives alludes to antagonists of slasher horror movies. The tonberry's weapon is actually a Japanese kitchen knife, a type of a knife used for food preparation distinguished from western counterparts by their handle, blade grind, steel and construction. A great deal of high-quality Japanese cutlery originates from Sakai, the capital of samurai sword manufacturing since the 14th century. After the Meiji Restoration in 1868 the samurai were banned from carrying swords as part of an attempt to modernize Japan, and the majority of sword-smiths refocused their skill to cutlery production.


Pug is an obsolete term for an "elf" or "hobgoblin".