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Tometown of the Ancients is a town located in the Eclipsed Region of Grymoire in World of Final Fantasy.


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Locations Edit

Library of the Ancients Edit


WoFF Tometown Of The Ancients Map

Murkrift puzzleEdit

The Maxima version adds a new puzzle in the southern wing of the Library of the Ancients. There are several shining points in bookcases that must be examined in the correct order to create a Murkrift near the back of the room.

The order to examine the shining points is as follows:

  • In the bookcase against the wall on the right.
  • In the bookcase against the wall on the left (with the treasure chest on top of it).
  • In the bookcase away from the wall, on the left, in front of the tables.
  • In the bookcase away from the wall, on the right, adjacent to the previous bookcase.
  • In the bookcase on the far right.


Name Image
Girl's Diary, Entry 6
Old Personal Posting 3 (Maxima version only)
WOFF Apocrypha IX (Maxima version, New Game+ only)
  • Potion (Lilikin Man, answer "Wild Rose")


Musical themes Edit

Prismelody: Library of the Ancients
WoFF Ancients

"Prismelody: Library of the Ancients" is the background theme that plays in the Tometown. It is an arrangement of the song of the same name from Final Fantasy V.



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