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Tom Slattery is a translator, ADR writer, and voice producer who has been active in the video game industry since 2005, and has provided English localizations for a number of titles in the Final Fantasy series.


Game Slattery's Credit(s)
Final Fantasy IV (Nintendo DS) English translator, ADR writer
Final Fantasy V Advance Localization Support
Final Fantasy VI Advance English translator
Final Fantasy XIII English translator, ADR writer
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions English translator, ADR writer, voice producer


  • Tom Slattery appears in the Developer's Office in the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV as "Tom Retranslattery", who remarks that his job is "translating games that have been translated already". He also makes reference to foibles from the original SNES version script, such as the Sand Ruby not actually being a ruby, and the Twin Harp not a harp at all, but adds that "the bard really was spoony, though—we checked!".

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