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Tollhends Stronghold is an imperial military base in Cleigne in Final Fantasy XV, north from Old Lestallum. It cannot be visited, and is much smaller than the visitable bases Aracheole Stronghold, Fort Vaullerey and Formouth Garrison. There is a broken down car whose driver the player can help near the nearest parking spot after the player has visited Cape Caem. Vyv Dorden asks the party to take a picture of the compound for one of his quests.


The Pen is Mightier than the Sword[]

This quest for Vyv Dorden becomes available after completing "A Place to Call Home". Vyv wants three photos of imperial bases in Lucis: Formouth Garrison (northern Leide), Tollhends Stronghold, and Perpetouss Keep in Duscae (southwest of the Cauthess Rest Area). Each picture is part of a subquest that needs to be selected manually in the main menu to activate its waypoint. The player may have to engage imperial troops in each area. Completing the quest yields 4,000 EXP and 20,000 gil.

Big Head Behind the Wheel[]

After visiting Cape Caem, the player can find a broken down car near the Tollhends Stronghold parking spot. The broken down car is south in a little area off the road near abandoned farm buildings. Delivering the driver a Repair Kit finishes the quest.