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Gwah hah hah! It has been thirty years since that accursed battle with Khalam's chosen! To celebrate this 30-year anniversary, I offer my personal greetings to you unworthy humans!


Tolfidan is the primary antagonist of King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-. He is dark dragon who conquers the kingdom of Izander and kidnaps the Princess Claire of Olthea which spurns action from four heroes blessed by Khalam. He can be fought in the "30th+1 Anniversary Quest".

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30 years and...?[edit | edit source]

The Dark Dragon's Greeting

Tolfidan and Ray Jack meet up on the 30th anniversary of King's Knight but Ray Jack refutes the dragon by saying it is the 31st anniversary. A flabbergasted Tolfidan states that the number lacks aesthetic symmetry but Ray Jack says that forces beyond his control were at play. Ray Jack proclaims that he will vanquish Tolfidan for good and Tolfidan coming to his senses, promises Ray Jack his doom.

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