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Tokkul, also known as Tokkle, is a location in Final Fantasy III found at the southern end of the Floating Continent. Most residents will run away in fear if approached. The elder in the house on the north end of town explains that soldiers from Castle Argus recently attacked, so people have been on their guard.

There are no shops, inns, or wellsprings.

Story Edit

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Before the visit of the Warriors of the Light to Tokkul, the town was attacked by the forces of the evil wizard Hein. As they arrive to the town after restoring the Fire Crystal, they are attacked and abducted by his soldiers and taken to his castle.

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Items Edit

Item Location
Ice Staff Hidden in town
Bacchus' Cider Hidden in town
Great Bow Hidden in town
Lamia Scale Hidden in town
Sonic Knuckles House in the north
Kenpo Gi House in the north
Serpent Sword House in the north

Enemies Edit

Note: Enemies are only encountered outside of town.

Musical themes Edit

"Djinn's Curse" from Final Fantasy III (DS)
FFIII - Jinn's Curse

The background music that plays in Tokkul before the events at Hein's Castle is "Djinn's Curse", and is replaced by "Return of the Warrior" after Hein is defeated.

Gallery Edit

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