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Tokito Oginaga is a non-player character in Final Fantasy Type-0. He is a Dominion of Rubrum legionary and is secretly in love with Emina Hanaharu, and thus often hangs around Akademeia hoping to catch a glimpse of her.



According to the Rubicus Tokito is 23 years old and 5'10" tall. Like all dominion legionaries, he dresses in a uniform consisting of a crimson hooded coat and dark trousers.


A gentle and mild-mannered guy, Tokito never dreamt of joining the dominion legions, but he decided to enlist out of a desire to serve his country. One might also suspect, however, that he may have also joined the legions in order to impress Emina Hanaharu, a cadet-turned-instructor at Akademeia. He caught a glimpse of her on his initial visit to the school and it was love at first sight. Although normally rather reserved, Tokito grabs the behemoth by the horns as far as Emina is concerned, surprising all those around him.



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Tokito joined the legion both to protect his homeland, and to impress Emina Hanaharu, a beautiful instructor at Akademeia. He hangs around the academy hoping to see her, and spends his days pondering how to catch her attention. When he hears Emina collects swimsuits he tasks Class Zero cadets to get him one he could give her as a present.

Tokito accompanies his superior, Commandant Suzuhisa Higato, to Ingram as a ceasefire is called. Class Zero had been deployed to a mission in the area earlier, and the commandant asks Tokito to bring one of the cadets, Machina Kunagiri, to him for a private talk. Tokito stays outside the hotel to sell the cadets weapons and accessories, but asks them to stay quiet about this service.

Tokito is with the commandant when the news of Queen Andoria's assassination breaks. The ceasefire deemed ended, Chancellor Khalia Chival VI, the commandant, the Class Zero commanding officer Kurasame Susaya and Tokita among them escape Ingram back to Akademeia, but Class Zero is left behind. Tokito is relieved when the cadets are rescued by Kurasame, who sends out an airship to pick them up, but is puzzled the commandant had vetoed the request and had made Kurasame wait until arriving at Akademeia to dispatch another airship.

During the retreat from Roshana Tokito is among the dominion legionaries Class Zero aids in retreating. Tokito is wounded and hands the cadets a letter.

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If anyone asks, you didn't get anything from me.


When Class Zero stays in Ingram in Chapter 4, Tokito is in charge of the Akademeia Armory and sells weapons and accessories outside the hotel.