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Toguagh (トグア, Togua?) is a town in the Eibon Region in Final Fantasy Type-0. It becomes available in chapter 5. The monument on the town square is inspired by the Tower of Judecca, a tower to the northwest from the town that has a legend: whoever reaches the top becomes Agito.


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Marshal Cid Aulstyne of the Militesi Empire breaks the Pax Codex and annihilates the Lorican Alliance with the Ultima Bomb, and sends the Militesi troops to invade the Dominion of Rubrum. The dominion manages to defend its capital, Akademeia, but loses all other regions, Toguagh included.

The liberation of Toguagh.

After the empire allies with the Kingdom of Concordia against Rubrum, the dominion is at a disadvantage. Albeit having reclaimed most of its territory it has suffered great losses and must wage war on two fronts. To prevent the Militesi forces from rendezvousing with their new Concordian allies at Eibon Region, Rubrum wages full-scale war to reclaim the region. Class Zero is sent to help in the war effort as Rubrum is low on available troops. During the campaign Rubrum legionaries take down Toguagh's protective energy barrier, and although the town is defended by the fierce Colonel Faith, Class Zero liberates it.

Afterward life in the town returns to its normal course. The citizens have an art competition on the town square to celebrate the restored obelisk—a town monument—and the children rejoice there will soon be a festival.

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During the Reclamation of Eibon mission Class Zero aids the Rubrum forces in reclaiming the region. Toguagh is one of the occupied towns in the area and after helping take down its protective energy barrier, Class Zero can invade it.

Kanna's Crystal[]

You see, I kinda told my son that I wanted to an artist when I was his age... even though that's not true at all. Now, unless I draw something really spectacular, he'll never believe anything I say!

Dominion Citizen

The townspeople have having a sketching contest on the town square. An older man complains of being nearsighted and asks Class Zero to describe the town monument to him: the base is hexagonal, it is thirty feet high, and granite gray. The man is grateful for the help and gives out Kanna's Crystal as thanks.

Buzzkill on the Beach[]

The cadets fighting the mysterious Concordian.

A big festival is precisely the light we need to brighten up these dark times. Please, head to the Innsmouth Coast and get rid of that soldier!


Issei asks Class Zero to vanquish a Concordian soldier lurking around the Innsmouth Coast. The recommended level is 51+. As advised by the man next to Issei, the Innsmouth Coast is just south of Toguagh across the shoals, and that the cadets need a chocobo to get there via the Innsmouth Region. The reward is a Diamond Shield.



There's no telling when our next shipment will come in, so if you're looking to refill your inventory, I suggest doing so while you still have the chance.

Dominion Citizen

The merchant sells presents the cadets can give to Emina Hanaharu back in Akademeia.

Item Price
Ornamental Plant 8000 gil
Luconia Doll 8000 gil
Wooden Coeurl 10000 gil
Pearl Hairpin 10000 gil
Crystal Chandelier 15000 gil


Shhh! Keep your voice down! We can't let the townspeople find out about the you-know-what. I've already had some folks come sniffing around my shop for some sweet antoma-phay, so we've gotta keep things under wraps.

Dominion Citizen

The man standing far apart from everyone else sells phantoma. His shop is not marked with a shop icon.

Item Price
Red Phantoma 1000 gil
Blue Phantoma 1000 gil
Yellow Phantoma 1000 gil
Green Phantoma 1000 gil
Purple Phantoma 5000 gil

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Behind the scenes[]

After Class Zero liberates Toguagh, the mayor Issei says: "I have a dream—a dream to make Toguagh the most splendid city in all of Orience!" "I Have a Dream" is a public speech by American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963.