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FFT0 Togoreth Region

Togoreth Region.

FFT0 Togoreth Region Hole

Togoreth Region after the Capture of Togoreth Stronghold mission.

Togoreth Region (トゴレス地方, Togoresu Chihō?) is a region of Orience in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is located north of Rubrum Region. It is comprised mainly of plains and forests.

Togoreth Region used to be a satellite state to Akademeia before the Dominion of Rubrum was officially formed. After Akademeia was attacked by monsters and the attack only quelled by the Vermilion Bird Crystal's l'Cie, Akademeia was established as the official seat of power uniting the areas of Rubrum, Togoreth, Iscah and Eibon as the Dominion of Rubrum. The area remained as dominion territory until the Militesi Empire broke the Pax Codex and invaded. Class Zero and other cadets from Akademeia, as well as the armies of Rubrum and Kingdom of Concordia, are deployed to liberate the area.

Locations Edit

Togoreth Edit

Togoreth is the town the region is named after. In the third mission of Chapter 2, Class Zero is sent to liberate it from the empire.

Keziah Edit

Keziah is a town in the area surrounded by forests.

Quests Edit

Chocobo Catching Edit

Wild chocobos sometimes roam the plains. To capture one, one must simply press the action button on it.

Enemies Edit

Sometimes after defeating a set of enemies the cadets get an option to keep fighting. This spawns higher-level enemies. The enemies in this area are between levels 13-37. The enemies fought on this world map area are:

Plains Edit

Forests Edit

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