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Rubrum airships fly over Togoreth Stronghold in Chapter 3.

Togoreth (トゴレス要塞, Togoresu Yōsai?) is a stronghold of the Dominion of Rubrum in the Togoreth Region of Orience in Final Fantasy Type-0. When the Militesi Empire started a war, the imperial forces invaded the stronghold making reclaiming it a priority for the dominion.


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Togoreth lies north from Akademeia and is strategically important for the dominion. It was invaded by the Militesi Empire, forcing Rubrum to reclaim it at the soonest. After the dominion reclaims Rubrum Region, they set their sights on Togoreth and Class Zero is deployed to help retake the stronghold alongside the dominion legions.

The cadets infiltrate the base and disable its defense system, stopping the summoning of Golems to the battlefield which are now, that the empire controls the stronghold, going after their own people. The cadets face off against the base commander in the command center. Shortly after, imperial general Qator Bashtar overwhelms the invaders with his new aerial magitek armor prototype Gabriel. Still having operational flaws, Class Zero drives him away. Their commanding officer, Kurasame, orders Class Zero together with all remaining troops to retreat.

Togoreth is obliterated leaving behind a crater.

With Nimbus, a White Tiger Primus l'Cie, spotted at Togoreth, and knowing that Vermilion Bird's own Primus l'Cie, Lord Zhuyu, is coming as well, Rubrum fears the worst. Zhuyu intercepts Nimbus and asks if what he is doing is truly the Focus given to him by his Crystal, but Nimbus declines to answer. The two cross blades and the ensuing clash between l'Cie obliterates the area. Togoreth is wiped off the map, leaving behind a large molten crater.

The news of Togoreth's annihilation shocks Akademeia. Rumors spread that clandestine biotesting on Doublicorns had been going at Togoreth, but all evidence was wiped out when the area was destroyed. If Class Zero partakes in a Code Crimson mission to retrieve the secret documents on phantoma research, they can confirm the rumors. The cadets infiltrate the stronghold under the guise of liberating the stronghold's civilians, but upon finding them killed, the cadets work to gather the top secret documents and abscond from the stronghold with them before the battle between l'Cie destroys it.

Despite losing the stronghold, the dominion conquers the region as well as the Northern Togoreth Region.

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The cadets at Togoreth Stronghold.

In the third mission of chapter 2, Class Zero is deployed to help take back Togoreth Stronghold from the empire.

In New Game Plus the cadets can choose a Code Crimson mission instead to retrieve secret documents from the stronghold while the war wages on.

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