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Tobul (PSP/iOS).

The geezer act is just a cover. My name's Tobul, and I'm the best darn blacksmith in the rebel army!


Tobul (トブール, Tobūru?) is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy II. He is the resident smith of Altair.


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Tobul (PS).

When the party first meets him, he is seen as a grumpy and unhappy man, due to him not having any work to do. He laments to the party because he does not have any Mythril to work on to make armor. After he is given Mythril, he becomes ecstatic and eagerly starts to work making Mythril armor that can be worn by the party.

Later, Tobul is killed when the Cyclone completely destroys Altair. He later inhabits the smith in Machanon in the afterlife, making armor for Minwu and his party, priding himself by saying that his new armor he has made in Machanon is the best he has ever made.

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