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My People are the Fuga. Name's Tobikage.


Tobikage is a non-player character from Final Fantasy Dimensions.


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Tobikage is the son of the Hagakure village Elder. He claims to know nothing about the Fuga order of ninjas the Warriors of Darkness are looking for, and warns them to stay away from the Moonlight Wood, a known den of monsters.

Later Tobikage appears in Matagi. When asked how he arrived there ahead of the warriors and when told that a mysterious one-armed bandit attacked them in the woods, Tobikage relents and explains he is a member of the Fuga Order, a clandestine dynasty of ninjas. He tells the warriors his name, and explains that Jinnai, the man who attacked them, is a renegade of the order that 'threw his lot in' with the Avalonian Empire years ago, and that Jinnai is being hunted by the Fuga Clan to bring him to justice. Nacht and co volunteer to help and Tobikage directs them to the place he believes Jinnai would have fled: Akame Valley. As the Warriors of Darkness traverse the valley they meet with Jinnai, who claims they are nothing but Empire's lapdogs. Tobikage appears and sends out his ninja fighting force into the valley to drive Jinnai from his hiding place.

Tobikage and his four ninja subordinates corner Jinnai in the Tower of Trials and asks the warriors to assist in defeating him, but they instead defend their target, appalled by the force and dishonor Tobikage would employ to take down his former friend. His four brethren defeated, Tobikage teleports further up the tower to lie in wait for Jinnai and his new companions. Jinnai informs his colleagues that Tobikage is, in fact, the clan's turncloak along with the Elder who sired him. According to him, an Avalonian General has coerced them into fighting and eliminating the Kingdom of Burtgang and slaying its population, even the women and children. Jinnai questioned his Elder's methods and intent, but proceeded in the mission to avoid disgracing himself and the order he served. He and Tobikage fought in the war and after losing an arm to the Paladin Sir Gawain, Jinnai abandoned the cause of his ninja brothers-in-arms. Interpreting this as treason, the Elder and Tobikage swore revenge on Jinnai and have been hunting him ever since.

As the party of five ascends the tower, Tobikage attacks to drive them back, drawing on defensive and duplicative ninjutsu techniques. At the summit he makes a final stand against Jinnai, who implores the warriors to stand back and let him finish the fight on his own. He survives the barrage of ninjutsu elemental skills and mortally wounds Tobikage with the Flash technique. Tobikage begins to come to his senses in his final moments: Touched by Jinnai recognizing him as a brother even in light of the pain he put him through, Tobikage tells Jinnai to go with pride to the end of his journey. His last bit of energy spent and his final words spoken, Tobikage succumbs to his wounds and dies.

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Tobikage means "Flying Shadow" in Japanese.