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Gigantoad artwork from Final Fantasy II by Yoshitaka Amano.

Toad (トード, Tōdo?) is a recurring type of enemy in the Final Fantasy series. They are amphibious creatures that lurk in caves and are usually weak to electric or ice attacks. They are often associated with musical attacks, such as the Toad Song Blue Magic, which inflicts the status ailment "Toad". Variations of the Toad include the Gigantoad and Poison Toad.


Final Fantasy II[]

Poison Toad.

The Poison Toad and stronger Gigantoad can both inflict Poison status with their normal attacks. The Poison Toad is fought on the Tropical Island, and the Gigantoad is found in the Deist Cavern and Cave of Mysidia. The Poison Toad is a Rank Four enemy, and the Gigantoad is Rank Five.

Final Fantasy III[]


Once again, the Poison Toad and Gigantoad are two types of toad-type enemies. The Poison Toad is fought in the Cave of Tides, while Gigantoads are fought in the sewers of Amur to save the Fellows.

Final Fantasy IV[]


There are two different toad-types in this game. The Gigantoad is the weakest type of toad, and the Toadgre is stronger and can inflict Toad status on the party. The other type of toad enemy is the Bog Toad. Alone they are no threat, but they attack in groups of three or more with a Bog Witch who commands them to cast the Toad spell on the party in succession. The Gigantoad and Toadgre appear in the Underground Waterway, and the Bog Toad appears in the Sylvan Cave.

In the Advance release, the Golden Toad is a rare enemy in the Lunar Ruins that drops rare items such as Golden Apples and Megalixirs. The Platinum Toad is encountered as a mini-boss in the same dungeon and must be caught and defeated to pass to the next area.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Blaze Toad.

The Gigantoad, Toadgre, Bog Toad and Bog Witch appear and are identical to their original counterparts in Final Fantasy IV. The new Blaze Toad and King Toad are added as well.

Final Fantasy V[]


The Elf Toad, Archeotoad and Kornago can all use Pond's Chorus to inflict Toad status on the party. In this game, they can teach Pond's Chorus as a Blue Magic spell to the Blue Mage.


An unnamed enemy resembling a toad appears alongside Alchymia in battle. After Alchymia executes the Ribbit ability, the toad transforms into another enemy.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Leap Frog.

The Gigantoad and Leap Frog are enemies exclusive to the World of Ruin. The Gigantoad knows the Rippler Lore, though it lacks the MP to actually use the ability. The Leap Frog is one of the rare enemies in the game capable of using Jump attacks. Rare Pinwheels can be stolen from them.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Touch Me.

The Touch Me and Toxic Frog are fought in and around Gongaga and the Temple of the Ancients respectively. Both are very weak enemies but their physical attacks can transform characters into frogs and back again. They also possess the Frog Song Enemy Skill, which inflicts Frog and Sleep.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Gigan Toad.

The Gigan Toad is fought in Qu's Marsh, and can teach Quina Frog Drop if eaten.

Frogs also play a part in a minigame involving Quina. At the Qu's Marshes around the world, various frogs can be seen hopping around a pond. The player can play a minigame in which Quina attempts to catch the frogs. Catching frogs rewards the players with items and increases the damage done by Frog Drop.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Doomed (FFXI).jpg

The Doomed genus vaguely resembles toads, and several of them are named as such, including the Gigantoad. The relation ends there, however, as Doomed are Undead, and it is even theorized they are composed of several corpses.

Final Fantasy XII[]

The Croakadile.

In this game, Toad is an entire genus of enemy. The basic types of toad include Gigantoad, Iguion, Lizard, Speartongue, Suriander and Abaddon. The Wood Toad and Tarasque appear as rare game enemies, and the Croakadile is a Rank II Mark.

All varieties of toad can use Angelsong to cast Regen on themselves. The loot dropped by them is also shared, and includes Horns, Pointed Horns, and Water Stones.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Hedge Frog.

Terraquatics are a subtype of feral creatures which closely resembles toads. The variants are Bloodfang Bass, Breshan Bass, Hedge Frog, Mud Frog, Ceratosaur, and Ceratoraptor. The Mud Frog and Ceratoraptor use the ability Courtship Dance to call more frogs.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]


Terraquatics return as a subtype of feral creatures, and can be encountered in New Bodhum in 3 AF, Yaschas Massif and Sunleth Waterscape in all eras, Archylte Steppe, and Oerba in 300 AF. The variants include Bloodfang Bass, Breshan Bass, Hedge Frog, Mud Frog, Ceratosaur, Ceratoraptor, Spiceacilian, Tabasco Toad, Pitterpatter, and Chunerpeton.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Gigantoads can be found throughout Eorzea. They are known for their tendency to pull any prey or attacker toward them with their tongue, before attempting to flatten them with "Labored Leap." Their hides are valued by leatherworkers.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

The Gigan Toad.

The Gigan Toad is encountered as an enemy. Later versions can be a threat as they know the Blizzara spell.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

Appearing as large, toad-like creature, the Giant Toad likes to hide in its pond. Its weakness is located on its belly. You can expose its weak-spot by blowing massive damage on it or freeze the pond it's sitting.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

Giant Toad.

The Giant Toad, Mad Toad and Poison Toad appear as enemies.

Final Fantasy Legend II[]

FFLII GianToad.png

There are five types of toads that appears in Final Fantasy Legend II.

List of Toads:

  • GianToad
  • HugeToad
  • KingToad
  • P-Toad
  • Toad

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]


There are five toad sprites, and four known toad enemies. The other toad may a dummied sprite, or may have been an enemy only in the original phone version.

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Final Fantasy Explorers[]

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Dice de Chocobo[]

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