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To the Top is a quest in Chapter 12, "Fight for Survival", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in the Sector 7 Slums. While Cloud Strife fights in the Sector 7 Plate, Tifa Lockhart joins to help him reach the top.


As the quest begins, the player regains control of Cloud Strife on Pillar 8F, and Tifa Lockhart joins the party. Run to the back of the floor, and two Slug-Rays attack. Use magic spells, or Tifa's Unbridled Strength martial techniques to defeat them, then climb the ladder. After climbing the ladder to 9F, three Slug-Rays are fought; the same tactics apply. Head further around to the right and use the stairs at the back to reach 10F, the next floor, where two elite riot troopers are fought. Wait for them to target one character, and then use the other to flank them from behind and defeat them with physical attacks. Alternatively, equip Cloud or Tifa with First Strike Materia First Strike Materia or Whistlewind Scarf or both and defeat them with spells early.

With the elite riot troopers defeated, head left and climb over the table (heading right will lead to a dead-end and two Slug-Rays), then run right to use the ladder up to 11F. Following a short cutscene, run around to the left, where two elite riot troopers are fought, followed by a helitrooper and an elite grenadier. The elite grenadier can be defeated with abilities, while the helitrooper can be targeted with spells, or with aerial attacks. Run up the stairs to 12F and an elite shock trooper and two Sentry Guns are fought, with helitroopers arriving. The Sentry Guns are stationary threats and can be eliminated first quickly, while the other enemies present a greater challenge. Elite shock troopers will dodge the first few attacks, but can be staggered quickly by attacks that do connect. Use these opportunities to get in attacks and stagger it, then unleash more powerful abilities. With helitroopers, the same tactics as previous apply.

One the enemies are defeated, a treasure chest at the back contains an elixir. After grabbing it, run to the debris on the right and walk across to move upwards to 13F. After this, a cutscene commences, leading into the next quest, "Showdown".

Hard mode tips[]

As before, it is ideal to preserve MP if possible for the boss at the end of the chapter. Tifa and Cloud can benefit from Elemental Materia Elemental Materia paired with Fire Materia Fire Materia, and equip weapons that optimize their physical damage over magic damage.

Cloud benefits most from equipping Steadfast Block Materia Steadfast Block Materia and Parry Materia Parry Materia and using Counterstance, while Tifa benefits most from Deadly Dodge Materia Deadly Dodge Materia and using Starshower. Against the Slug-Rays and helitroopers, when they are out of range, casting Fire Fire or Thunder Thunder is acceptable, but in the interest of preserving MP, it should not be relied on. Regen Regen is also worth casting in most fights, as an MP-efficient means of healing.