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To Corneo Hall[1] is the fifth chapter in Final Fantasy VII, part of the first act, "Banner of Revolution". Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough see Tifa Lockhart traveling in a cart to Wall Market. Fearing the worst for her, the two traveled to Wall Market to find and rescue her from Don Corneo.


Upon entering Wall Market, controlling Cloud and Aeris, the player can purchase new equipment in the store. The Metal Knuckle can be purchased for Tifa, who joins the party shortly; the Mythril Rod can be purchased for Aeris, though she will obtain a greater weapon soon.

There are a few characters to interact with in Wall Market, though the goal is to reach Corneo Hall at the northern end of the market. Travel up to the top screen, where the guard outside Corneo Hall will refuse to allow Cloud entry. Aeris will then suggest Cloud disguise himself as a girl.

Cloud's disguise[]

At Aeris's suggestion, Cloud must disguise himself as a woman to enter Corneo Hall. Depending on Cloud's attire, Don may choose either Cloud, Aeris, or Tifa for his "bride for the night". Cloud will battle Corneo's lackeys if he is not chosen, but the storyline leads to the same conclusion no matter whom out of the party is chosen.

The outcome of the decision depends on Cloud's "attraction value"; there are three items the player can get for each piece of apparel, and each are graded. If Cloud obtains all of the highest grade items (a silk dress, a diamond tiara, a blonde wig, and sexy cologne) Corneo will choose him. The quality of the make-up work Cloud can have done is random, and the Bikini Briefs and Lingerie key items do not affect the value at all. Tifa is Don's default choice.

Only the dress and the wig are necessary for a disguise, but will only lead to Tifa being chosen. Getting more items means Aeris and Cloud also have a chance of being picked.

Aeris convinces the dressmaker to make a dress for Cloud.


To get a dress the player must visit the Clothes Boutique where a woman will tell that the dressmaker is in the bar. After talking to him Aeris convinces the man to make a dress for Cloud. The description given to the dressmaker determines the type of dress Cloud will get; the best dress is obtained by asking for something soft and shimmery.

Soft + Shimmers = Silk Dress
Soft + Shiny = Satin Dress
Clean = Cotton Dress

The squats minigame.


The player can get a wig from Beautiful Bro in the gym by taking part in a squatting minigame where the player must press Square, X and Circle in succession. The key is not to tap the buttons too fast or too slow, tapping the next button when Cloud has stopped moving or he'll scratch his head. The opponent usually does around 17 squats. Winning the minigame gives the best wig.

Winning the squats game = Blonde Wig
Tying = Dyed Wig
Losing = Wig

The woman gives a cologne.


In the bar there is a woman in the toilet who needs medicine. The player must eat in the diners and then answer with "It was alright" when asked how they liked the food to get the key item Pharmacy Coupon. In the item shop the player can trade it for either Disinfectant, Deodorant, or Digestive. Depending on which item the player takes and gives to the woman in the bar, she'll give a different cologne in return. The best one is to give her Digestive.

Digestive = Sexy Cologne
Deodorant = Flower Cologne
Disinfectant = Cologne

Cloud gives the vending machine item to the Materia Shop owner to get a tiara.


In the Materia Store the owner wants to know what the vending machine at the inn has for sale. After agreeing to help him, the player must stay the night at the inn and Cloud will have the option to buy something from the vending machine. Afterward Cloud and Aeris should return to the Materia Store and show the owner the item. The most expensive item gives the best tiara.

200 gil = Diamond Tiara
100 gil = Ruby Tiara
50 gil = Glass Tiara

Cloud gets make-up put on him in Honey Bee Inn.


Talking to the man on the lower right corner of Wall Market after being denied entry to Don's mansion the first time, nets the player the Member's Card for the Honey Bee Inn. Inside the player can talk to the woman to choose a room. The &$#% Room (upper left) acquires the Lingerie, and the Group Room (lower left) gives Bikini Briefs.

These items do not affect Don's choice, but after visiting a room the player can head to the top room and have the woman in the far left put make-up on Cloud. The outcome of the make-up work is random, and the player can determine how many "points" (see below) it is worth by the sound effect that plays when the girl does it. There is a 97/256 chance to get the worst make-up (+1, a chiming sound plays), 96/256 chance to get average make-up (+3, a healing sound plays) and 63/256 chance to get the best make-up (+5, a wind blowing sound plays).


The lowest grade item gives +1 attraction value, the middle grade item gives +3 and the best one gives +5. The underwear obtained from Honey Bee Inn doesn't give any points. If the player gains 11 points or fewer, Tifa is chosen. If the player has 12-18 points Aeris is chosen, and for 19 or more Cloud is chosen.

Summary table

Cloud gets the highest chance to be chosen as Don Corneo's bride if he gets all the items in the third column of the table below:

Item group Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Location
Dresses Cotton Dress.png
Cotton Dress
Satin Dress.png
Satin Dress
Silk Dress.png
Silk Dress
Request the dress maker in the Wall Market for:
  • (1) something "clean";
  • (2) something "soft and shiny";
  • (3) something "soft that shimmers".
Wigs Wig.png
Dyed Wig.png
Dyed Wig
Blonde Wig.png
Blonde Wig
Received in the Wall Market Gym at the end of the squat contest:
  • (1) for a loss;
  • (2) for a tie;
  • (3) for a win.
Tiaras Glass Tiara.png
Glass Tiara
Ruby Tiara.png
Ruby Tiara
Diamond Tiara.png
Diamond Tiara
Given by the store owner after staying the night at the inn and buying an item from the vending machine:
  • (1) the cheapest item;
  • (2) the middle priced item;
  • (3) the most expensive item.
Pharmacy Coupons Pharmacy Coupon.png
Pharmacy Coupons
Received from owner of the Diner in Wall Market. Can be exchanged for goods at the pharmacy.
Medicines Disenfectant.png
Give to the unhappy person in the bathroom at the bar:
  • (1) for the Cologne;
  • (2) for the Flower Cologne;
  • (3) for the Sexy Cologne.
Perfumes Cologne.png
Flower Cologne.png
Flower cologne
Sexy Cologne.png
Sexy Cologne
Acquired from the unhappy bar patron in the bathroom when given:
  • (1) the Disinfectant;
  • (2) the Deodorant;
  • (3) the Digestive.
Member's Card Membership Card.png
Member's Card
Talk to one of the people wandering around Wall Market to acquire. Allows access to the Honeybee Inn.
Underwear Lingerie.png
Bikini Briefs.png
Bikini briefs
Acquired in the Honeybee inn:
  • (1) N/A
  • (2) from one of the bee girls in the changing room after spending time in the upper left room.
  • (3) from a "patron" after spending time in the "Group Room" (The lower left one).

Infiltrating the Don's mansion[]

Battle background.

After Cloud is dressed as a woman, the player can enter Corneo Hall, Don Corneo's mansion. Cloud and Aeris are told to wait in the lobby, but after Corneo's lackey has left, the player must head up the stairs and use the door on the left to the Torture Room to meet with Tifa. After meeting with Tifa, the three will then be taken to Corneo's office, where he will choose the bride based on Cloud's disguise.

If Aeris or Tifa is chosen, Cloud is taken to the Lackey Room. Here, the player must simply walk around for a bit and talk to Scotch. This will begin two fights: one with three Corneo's Lackeys, and one with two Corneo's Lackeys and Scotch himself. Corneo's Lackeys are weak enemies that can be defeated in one physical hit, and while Scotch has more HP, he can be brought down with magic attacks relatively quickly. Pairing Magic with the All Materia can end both battles fairly quickly. Once the enemies are defeated, the player must leave the room, returning to the lobby. If Aeris was chosen, they will have to meet up with Aeris in the Torture Room; if Tifa was chosen, she will run out to meet Cloud. Upon meeting them, the next line of dialogue selected will affect date mechanics, and the player must head through Corneo's office from the lobby to his bedroom.

If Cloud was chosen, Cloud will simply be taken to the bedroom immediately after being chosen. There are a few lines of dialogue that the player can select, one of which affects date mechanics. Eventually, regardless of the options selected, Tifa and Aeris will join Cloud in the room, and the three will interrogate him. Following a scene, the party will be ejected to the sewers.

After being ejected to the sewers, the next chapter, "Prevent the Fall of the Plate", begins.