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Titinin is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. He appeared during the Pugilist questline.


After the adventurer joins the Pugilists' Guild, Gagaruna appoints Titinin as his first instructor. As the adventurer's first task in the guild, Titinin asks him to collect loan payments and hands over a list of several Mirage debtors whose payment deadlines are approaching.[1]

Later Titinin believes that the Limsa Lominsa pirates are counterfeiting chips on the Platinum Mirage and sends the adventurer and Hurrey to investigate. The duo investigates and uncovers evidence of chip forgery at The Misery, the Kraken's Arms' ship.[2] After their return, Titinin asks the adventurer once again to collect a debt from Lewena, but eventually she asks them to extend the deadline until her husband returns.[3]




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