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FFTA - Titania Portrait
Powerful sprite. Wields holy magic.

The Titania in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a powerful enemy who belies its elegant appearance. Their Attack power is quite high, even higher than other ferocious monsters such as Malboros and Red Panthers. Their Holy-elemental spells protect their allies and decimate their enemies. Titanias have Auto-Float status.



Titania command. Destroy foes with searing light.
Ability Effect MP
Angel Whisper Angelic sigh. Heals HP and bestows auto-raise. Deals damage to zombies. 24
LV?D Holy Holy damage to units with same one's digit in level and days.


Ability Effect
Counter Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack.



Mission Information
Turf Defense Mission: Help Salika! A Titania begins the battle at the opposite side of the map as the party.
Mission #058: Royal Ruins A Titania is a guardian of Nargai Cave's mysterious statues.
Mission #018: Quiet Sands In the first part of this mission, Llednar Twem summons two Titanias to assist him.
Mission #054: For A Song Help out Summoner Leanan by clearing the path of strong monsters, including a Titania.
Mission #063: Missing Professor The Titania is the strongest enemy here.

Clan encountersEdit

Home base Clan Information
Salikawood Tricky Spirits The not-so-delicate Spirits include one Titania, which will probably be the first Titania encountered.


Titania is a character in William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream. In the play, she is the queen of the fairies. Due to Shakespeare's influence, later fiction has often used the name "Titania" for fairy queen characters.

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