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Titan is a fought as a boss in Final Fantasy XV in Disc of Cauthess during the Main Quest The Trial of Titan.


God of Earth. Legends tell of the Archaean absorbing the force of the cataclysmic Meteor as it hurtled down to Eos—and he still shoulders the stone in his deep sleep within the Disc. The Landforger was awakened from that slumber by the Oracle Lunafreya.
Height: 497.04 ft. Weight: 47,743.05 t



Titan is a slow but powerful enemy which will attack the player by swinging his arms. The player can't use character-swap in this battle. Imperial spearmen appear at the latter portion of the boss fight when Ignis and Prompto join Noctis and Gladiolus. Titan will swat at them with his colossal arm, but more will keep arriving until the player passes the Astral's trial. They don't attack the player, rather shooting harpoons at the Astral with their magitek "spear".


To defeat Titan, the player should parry all of his attacks and immediately counter. When Titan's arm crashes on the surface, Armiger can be used to attack it. The player should dodge Titan's attacks until it is possible for the allies to cast Blizzard.

Musical themesEdit

"Apocalypsis Noctis" plays in the battle.


Final Fantasy XV - Summoning Titan against Titan

Final Fantasy XV - Summoning Titan against Titan

  • The Titan model in the bestiary is not the one he has as a boss, but the one he has a summon.
  • If the player summons Titan during the boss battle (not possible in a normal playthrough), the boss Titan will freeze.
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