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Titan, the Warden of Earth, is the Eikon of Dominant Hugo Kupka in Final Fantasy XVI. Titan is the largest current Eikon on Valisthea, a giant with skin made of stone. He is immensely powerful and the Eikon for the Dhalmekian Republic, who call upon Hugo's power to help in its wars. However, Hugo's goal is to use Titan for personal gain.

Titan is a recurring Earth-elemental summon in the Final Fantasy series.

Active Time Lore[]

Titan in Active Time Lore from FFXVI

The Warden of Earth, of whom Hugo Kupka is the current Dominant. He takes the form of a stone-skinned giant, whose granite fists shake the earth with every mighty pummel. Titan's Dominant awakens among the peoples of the Dhalmekian deserts—the recipient of his strength being granted great power and status by the republic in return for a commitment to protect the nation in times of war.

Basic Information, ATL/The Bestiary

The Warden of Earth, who takes on the aspect of a fearsome, stony giant. He is known to awaken among the descendants of the ancient Motes of Earth, a tribe who once dwelled in the deserts of what is now the Dhalmekian Republic. By far the largest and most physically imposing of all the Eikons, Titan's strength was the bedrock upon which the republic was built.

Hidden Truths, ATL/The Bestiary


Titan is one of the Eikons the Ultima collective orchestrated to one day even in the land of Valisthea by creating the Motes of Earth tribe to live in the desert of modern day Dhalmekian Republic. Over the generations their bloodlines would grow stronger, until a person would awaken as the Dominant of Titan.

The latest person to awaken as the Dominant of Titan was Hugo Kupka, who used Titan's might for personal gain and attained the permanent role of economic advisor in the Dhalmekian parliament due to his influence. Hugo believed that the powers of a Dominant made him a god in his own right and had a castle built in his honor inside the Mothercrystal of Drake's Fang itself. Though the Dhalmekian parliament may resent him, they have no choice but to call to Titan's aid in the defense of the republic.

Titan from FFXVI ss (3)

Titan deflects attack from Shiva.

Hugo was called to the Battle of Nysa when the forces of the Iron Kingdom were making incursions into Dhalmekian territory and brought a Dominant of their own. Though the parliament tried to appeal to the nation's allies from Waloed for a joint defense, the appeal was rejected and Titan defended the republic unaided, repelling the Ironblood's Shiva but not finishing her off.

Kupka's point of weakness was his obsessive love for Benedikta Harman, the Dominant of Garuda, believing the two of them as "gods" ought to be worshiped for their power and to be seen as rightful rulers. When Benedikta's severed head was delivered to him with news that the Dominant of Ramuh, the treacherous Cidolfus Telamon, was responsible, Hugo vowed to exact vengeance, and sent out his personal forces to look for him. After finding Cid's hideaway in the deadlands, Hugo primed to Titan and destroyed it utterly, killing many of Cid's accomplices, but unknown to Kupka, Cid himself had already perished in his mission to destroy Drake's Head. Hugo was able to prime even in the aether-starved deadlands due to using his innate aether.

Catching on that the current "Cid the Outlaw" was a protege of the original Cid, Clive Rosfield, Hugo lured him to Rosalith Castle where he semi-primed to take the Dominant of Ifrit on, but lost and his hands were chopped off. Unknown to him, Clive was the Ultima collective's champion as Mythos, able to absorb other Dominants' powers, and after besting Kupka, absorbed Titan's aether and Kupka lost his ability to use magicks. After being rescued, Kupka returned to his castle but Clive was after him as well as the Dhalmeks' Mothercrystal: Drake's Fang. When Clive infiltrated Kupka's castle, Kupka primed Titan for a final time, but had a shaky grasp on controlling it. Ifrit overpowered the Eikon, but Titan drew in aether directly from the heart of the Mothercrystal, creating an enormous golem around himself called "Titan Lost". After Ifrit destroyed Titan Lost, Titan still refused to yield and continued to battle Ifrit in free fall through Titan Lost's crumbling form. Ifrit used nearby aether to grow gigantic hands and pummeled the massive Eikon to death. Hugo's petrified remains were left on the site of the battle.

Clive continued to wield Titan's powers, but could not prime the giant, only use some semi-prime forms. When Clive's journey led him to confront the reunited Ultima collective, Ultimalius used some of Titan's abilities in as further indication that the Eikons are the powers of Ultima. After besting the Ultima collective and absorbing them, Clive destroyed the source of all magic in the realm, implying that no one after Kupka can awaken as Titan, and Eikons will fall into legend.


Titan is a granite and dark-skinned giant, his very form composed of living rock, combined with golden jewelry on his fingers. Titan has a mouth/steel plate that's connected to his jaw on his face, and he lacks lips, exposing his teeth. He is the tallest, strongest and the largest Eikon in Valisthea. His artwork shows him with a weapon, but he only ever uses his fists in the game itself. His fists are what manifest on those who semi-prime him, along with yellow crystalline growths on the body.



Titan boss from FFXVI

Semi-primed Hugo is fought in Rosalith Castle by Clive in human form.

Ifrit fights Titan at Drake's Fang.

Clive abilities[]

Soil and stone!

Clive when switching to Titan mid-battle

After the boss battle in Rosalith Castle, Clive gains the means to use Titan's power in battle. The abilities he gains are Titanic Block, Windup, Upheaval, Raging Fists, and Earthen Fury.

Titanic Block from FFXVI

Titanic Block (shield).

Titan's Eikonic Feat is Titanic Block, the only way for the player to guard as Clive alongside the guard effect from a perfectly-timed Raging Fists. Titanic Block nullifies damage and also has the attacker sustain some will damage, so blocking an attack might also sometimes stagger the opponent. Blocking also recharges Clive's Limit Break gauge. However, some attacks will bypass Titanic Block, breaking Clive's guard and dealing damage.

Titanic Block is good for avoiding damage, but evasive maneuvers tend to be superior most of the time, as they give the chance to counterattack. Shiva's dodge can be preferable to Titanic Block as it may freeze the attacker in place, but is available later than Titan. The benefit of Titanic Block is that the player does not need to be as precise as with the dodging actions, and they can simply hold Circle and continue to reduce damage, and its counterattack can be stronger than the normal dodge-counter, as the player can chain up to three counters by pressing the attack button (Square by default) from a Precision Block; mastering Titanic Block deals even more damage by adding another hit to the finishing move. The player can equip the Ring of Timely Focus to make precision-blocking especially easy.

Windup from FFXVI


Most of Titan's Eikonic Abilities require additional button presses for their best outcomes. If the player intercepts an enemy's attack with Raging Fists, it works like a block+counter, nullifying damage from the enemy's attack and delivering a strong counter while also shortening the ability's cooldown; tapping the execute button during the attack delivers more blows, but the extra hits may miss on evasive enemies that move out of the way. Windup and Upheaval are Titan's chargeable attacks; releasing the charge on the red zone of the gauge delivers the most powerful versions of these abilities, but releasing on the yellow part of the gauge is still stronger than forgoing charging at all. Windup is stronger than Upheaval, but the latter is one of few abilities able to be used midair; the aerial version cannot be charged, but the higher up Clive is when he executes it, the more force it will project.

Clive using Earthen Fury from FFXVI

Earthen Fury.

Titan's most expensive Eikonic Ability is Earthen Fury, which has an especially long cooldown, even longer than the Phoenix's Flames of Rebirth (the cooldown has been shortened in version 1.31). Earthen Fury sends a wave moving across the battlefield that deals damage to everything it connects with. The small enemies launched by the quake take especially many hits from Earthen Fury, but larger enemies who remain steadfast on their feet tend to be damaged less. Upgrading Earthen Fury makes it deliver even more hits.

Musical themes[]

Titan has three musical themes, consisting of "Do or Die", "Titan Lost", and "Heart of Stone".



The Titans (οἱ Τῑτᾶνες, hoi Tītânes) were members of the second order of divine beings in Greek mythology. They were descendants of the primordial deities born from the Chaos, and they preceded the gods of Olympus, who went on to overthrow them.