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FFV iOS Time Magic

Time Magic command (iOS).

Perform time magic.

FFV Time Magic Icon iOSTime Magic (じくう, Jikū?, lit. Space-Time), also known as Time, is the primary ability of the Time Mage job from Final Fantasy V. This skillset involves manipulating time and space, either to cast positive status effects on allies or to cripple and destroy enemies. It is disabled if the user is silenced. Time Magic is purchased from shops in various towns and is divided into 6 levels. Upon leveling up the Time Magic command as a Time Mage, the command can be equipped to other jobs as well and use spells up to the learned level. When using the Time Mage job the character can use all the spells they have regardless to what level they have leveled up the command.

Mechanics Edit

Some spells have been programmed to always hit their target.

$ Spell Hit\% = Spell Hit\% + Attacker Level - Target Level $[1]
$ Evade\% = Target Magic Evade\% $

If the spell is multi-targeted the Spell Hit% is halved. Spells that are naturally multi-target do not suffer the penalty. If the target has Shell, the Spell Hit% is also halved, and if the target is a Toad its Evade % is reduced to 0.

The game generates two random numbers between 0 and 99.

If N1 >= Hit%, the spell misses
If N2 < Evade%, the spell misses

Damage is capped at 9999. Damage-dealing Time Magic spells have their own damage calculation formulas separate from the formula used for Black Magic spells.

Time Magic abilities give characters the Time Mage's base Magic based on the following formula:

Magic = Time Mage Base Magic - 2 * (6 - Time Mage Job Level)

However, the value of the base Magic granted in this way is capped at the Time Mage's base.

Thus the base Magic stat for a character with Time Magic equipped would be as follows:

  • Level 1 = 38 base Magic
  • Level 2 = 40 base Magic
  • Level 3 = 42 base Magic
  • Level 4 = 44 base Magic
  • Level 5 = 46 base Magic
  • Level 6 = 48 base Magic
  • Level 7 = 48 base Magic

Upon mastery, Freelancers and Mimes gain the Time Mage's base Agility and Magic unless they already have a higher base from another mastered job.

List of spells Edit

Name Cost Spell Level MP Cost Effect Location Image
Speed 300 1 1 Increases rate at which the ATB gauge fills up. Phantom Village, in a pot in Walse Castle Basement FFV iOS Speed
Hastens the pace of battle.
Slow 80 1 3 Halves speed at which the ATB gauge fills up. Walse, Karnak, Istory FFV iOS Slow
Slows the passing of time for one enemy.
Regen 100 1 3 Target gradually restores HP over time. Walse, Karnak, Istory FFV iOS Regen
Gradually restores HP.
Mute 320 2 3 Prevents all affected targets from using magic. Walse, Karnak, Istory FFV iOS Mute
Silences all allies and enemies.
Haste 320 2 5 Doubles speed at which the ATB gauge increases. Walse, Karnak, Istory FFV iOS Haste
Hastens the passing of time for one ally.
Float 300 2 10 Avoid all Earth elemental damage and floor traps. Buy at Phantom Village. Find in Castle Surgate. FFV iOS Float
Levitates target.
620 3 9 Halves a target's current HP. Karnak, Istory FFV iOS Gravity
Halves target's HP.
Stop 580 3 8 Prevents target from performing any actions until the status wears off. Karnak, Istory FFV iOS Stop
Causes time to stop, halting target's actions.
600 3 15 Escape from dungeons to the world map. When used in battle, same effect as fleeing. Buy at Phantom Village. Find at Castle of Bal. FFV iOS Teleport
Warps party out of dungeon or out of battle.
Comet 3000 4 7 Inflicts random non-elemental damage. Regole, Castle of Bal, Quelb, Castle Surgate FFV iOS Comet
Calls forth meteors that damage one enemy.
3000 4 9 Casts Slow on all enemies. Regole, Castle of Bal, Quelb, Castle Surgate FFV iOS Slowga
Slows the passing of time for all enemies.
3000 4 1 Starts battle over. Regole, Castle of Bal, Quelb, Castle Surgate FFV iOS Return
Turn back time to the beginning of the battle.
6000 5 18 Reduces HP to 1/4 of current HP. Moore FFV iOS Graviga
Reduces target's HP to 1/8th of total HP.
6000 5 15 Casts Haste on all allies. Moore FFV iOS Hastega
Hastens the passing of time for all allies.
Old 6000 5 4 Causes target's status to decrease at a rapid pace. Moore FFV iOS Old
Causes old status.
Meteor 0 6 42 Hits random targets for 4 non-elemental attacks. Great Sea Trench. FFV iOS Meteor
Calls forth meteors that damage all enemies.
Quick 10000 6 77 Allows user to perform 2 actions in the same turn without any interruptions. Phantom Village FFV iOS Quick
Stops the passing of time for all but the caster.
10000 6 20 Removes target, instantly killing them. Phantom Village FFV iOS Banish
Erases one enemy from the battlefield.

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In physics, spacetime is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single interwoven continuum.

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