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Mage masters of time and space.


Time Mage is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance accessible to nu mou and moogles. Time Mages' abilities cannot be predicted, but some classes, such as the Juggler and Ninja, can reap the benefits of Time Magic without the large MP consumption.



The moogle Time Mage is the most powerful magic-oriented moogle job, with a Magic Power stat rivaling that of the other races' best Magic-oriented jobs, and a Speed stat capable of out-racing most other magical jobs. Yet, the moogle Time Mage's stats are inferior to the nu mou Time Mage. This does not mean moogle Time Mages are useless, but they should differentiate themselves by using abilities to which nu mou Time Mages do not have access, such as Concentrate or Call.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
5.2 E 3.6 C 5.6 E 7.6 C 9.2 A- 9.4 A 1.2 D+

Nu mou[]

Nu mou Time Mages are the kings of the magical world. They have the highest Magic Power, an impressive Resistance, and one of the highest Speed stats a nu mou can get. Like most magic-oriented jobs, their other stats are abysmally low, making them weak to physical attacks.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
5.2 E 3.6 C+ 5.6 E 6.8 D+ 10.2 S 9.6 A 1.2 D+


Time Magic[]

Time mage command. Warp the fabric of time itself.

Skill Equipment AP MP Range
Haste Firewheel Rod 200 24 3
Meddle with time's flow to increase speed.
Quicken Thor Rod 300 24 3
Slides time, allowing target to take turn early.
Slow Terre Rod 200 12 3
Meddles with time's flow, reducing target's speed.
Reflect Thunder Rod 300 8 3
Reflects white, red, time, and black magic.
Stop Chill Rod 300 24 3
Stops the flow of time. Target is unable to act.
Silence Sleet Rod 200 8 3
Steals voice, silencing target.
Quarter Force Rod 200 10 3
Small gravity field. Saps 1/4 of target's HP.
Demi Stardust Rod 300 24 3
Gravity field. Saps 1/2 of target's HP.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Last Quicken Lordly Robe Take turn immediately if severely wounded. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Time Combo Mythril Rod Ranged combo ability for time mages. 100


Time Mages are top-notch spellcasters boasting great support abilities. They have plenty of ways to manipulate battles into their favor, such as quickening a slow ally or stopping enemy thieves. They can halt even the fastest units in their tracks. Time Mages work well against other mages, having access to Silence and Reflect. Their lack of offensive abilities can be made up for by abilities from other classes, like Black Magic or Sage skills. This also allows Time Mages to put their excellent magic power to good use. Overall, Time Mages are top-tier mages, and the best magic-based job for moogles and most nu mou.

Speed is key against enemy Time Mages. It is advised to dispatch them before they start bending the turn order. Both melee fighters and other mages are underdogs against Time Mages, but Silence—as against most mages—works well. It is best to hit enemy Time Mages up close where they cannot defend themselves.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

TimeMage TCG

A moogle Time Mage appears on a card.


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