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Bends time to shift the tide of battle.

The Time Mage is a moogle Sky Pirate in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

Stats Edit

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Battle Edit

It is a Ranged unit, and its repertoire includes elemental magic and various status-inducing spells.

The Time Mage has an above-average Magick stat, but its physical attributes, including HP, are very low, making it a good target for Melee units.

Abilities Edit

Skill Effect
Lightning Deal Lightning damage to one foe.
Firaga Deal fire damage to all foes in range.
Slowga Slow the actions of all foes in range.
Hastega Increase Speed of all allies in range.
Regenga Restore HP to all allies in range over time.
Stopga Halt the actions to all foes in range.
Comet Deal heavy damage to all foes in range.
Tonguetwister Reduces magick cast time.

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