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BD Til

Til Arrior.

Til Arrior (ティル・オーリア, Tiru Ōria?) is a non-player character in Bravely Default. He is Tiz Arrior's younger brother.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Til is a young boy with short silver-brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a white shirt with black stripes on the sleeves. He wears light blue pants with light brown belt and a brown pouch hanging on his left side. He wears black gloves.

Personality Edit

Til is a considerate and loving person to his brother. He is also a determined person, hoping that he could rebuild Norende to the way it was.

Story Edit

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BDFF Screenshot Destruction

Til witnessing Norende's destruction.

While helping Tiz tend to the sheep, Til was witnessed to the large chasm that opened up and swallowed his home of Norende before losing his footing due to the crumbling land. Though Tiz tried to save him, Til ended up falling to his death leaving his older brother horrified.

During Tiz's journey in the third Luxendarc, he learns that his counterpart in the world died, with Til the sole survivor of Norende. Til managed to defeat Barras Lehr and Holly Whyte single-handedly before going through the task of rebuilding Norende. Sage Yulyana later orchestrated a meeting between this world's Til and Tiz, as part of a test of Tiz's resolve. Til is ecstatic to see his brother, revealing that he has had much difficulty in rebuilding Norende. Til offers Tiz the chance to rebuild Norende together. The Sage interrupts at this stage, offering Tiz the chance to take the place of his counterpart and have a peaceful life with Til. Though tempted, Tiz refused in favor of his mission.

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