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The hell's your problem, kid?

Tiko to Evan Townshend

Tiko is a resident of Doyleville. He appears in Final Fantasy VII The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story.


Tiko and his wife were residents of Doyleville. Tiko was a large, older man, who had worked manual labor most of his life. When Evan Townshend found Fabio Braun injured, Tiko and his wife were among those to help. Tiko found the developmental geostigma medicine meant for Bits Braun in Fabio's home. He picked it up out of curiosity. Evan, overwhelmed by the situation with Fabio, saw Tiko with the medicine and yanked it from his hand without explanation. The two began fist-fighting. Tiko overpowered Evan and knocked him to the ground, but his wife and Keough pulled him back. Tiko's wife apologized to Evan.

Evan lied to his friends about the event. He claimed that Tiko was attempting to steal the medicine even after being made aware it was intended for Bits. Evan saw Tiko once more in the Doyleville courtyard. Tiko snorted at him in contempt before entering his home. Evan noted a large bruise on his cheekbone from one of the few punches Evan managed to land.